By Anonymous - 05/09/2011 10:59 - United Kingdom

Today, I overheard my parents planning on how to get me to move out of the house. It's my house. They only came to visit and forgot to leave. FML
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Tell them its time for a nursing home :D

Send them a rent bill


Tell them its time for a nursing home :D

Denikk 0

Scare them off, letting them hear your homucide plan..

indielove 13

OP, it's time to change the locks and get some guard dogs.

I'm guessing they didn't come to visit.

Borrow their car and other expensive 'things' and forget to give it back.

Do these said parents also happen to have contemplated on how to kill cat?

13- Homicide**** :$

Sounds like it's time for you to use the attic as a dungeon. :-)

Or... Simply ask them up front when they were they planning on getting their own place? If you have your own place it is safe to assume you are of an age where you either have a family or can start one, use that old gem as your clincher and you should be sweet ;)

Any1 else get scared of 94's pic?

Sounds like it's time to tell them to gtfo

SamuraiCER 1

Well dang, they tryin 2 bully u out the house

Good luck OP, hope you don't get grounded!

Send them a rent bill

Haha, yeah, that's a good idea!

Ashilivione 1

best idea lol

Maybe they did it on purpose.

mail them to Florida like everyone else

or Australia

Fuck off we're full

Hawaii's nice this time of year

emodude44 0

30, you just gave me another reason to like Australia. Your clever, friendly, witty people, and I love every, single last one of you!

I'm with 30... We have enough asylum seekers rocking up ATM

Slhruman 4

The hell you are. Your population density is like at the bottom of the list. Just let the world dump our old in your deserts.

#72, the population density of our deserts is comparable to that of America's. Go dump your old people over there.

Got a better idea: Dump the old people in Antarctica. It's relatively empty.

Slhruman 4

But we use our deserts to raise cacti. Old people would impede that.

Aww, thanks. It's nice to know we have a good international reputation :) Come and visit; we need tourists! Don't overstay your visa though, or we might ship you off to the slums of Malaysia ;)

Charge them rent, if they want to live in your house. Bet that will get them to leave. :D They sound like moochers. Also, are they senile or something, so you can't get rid of them?

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over where? Ohhh you mean their*?

Glitterhinoceros 14

Lock them out of the house, and turn the sprinklers on.

slice_89 0

Yes!!!! Ha that's a way to showem