By Fitz - / Tuesday 5 May 2009 12:22 / United States
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By  CTL_fml  |  0

that is terrible! but i have asked my mother what i would inherit when she dies... so i'm going to say we're all guilty of it. just to make myself feel better.

By  poolshark  |  0

Well, were they talking about buying pimp chains and BMWs, or were they saying they would start a charity or something?
This makes all the difference, because it's likely they were just dealing with difficult feelings. It's normal to think about death and be scared when a loved one takes on a risky job.

  CelticSkye  |  13

I agree w/ #7. Now, having said that, if they were talking about buying shit like jewelry, clothes, ect...I would make sure to list someone else as the person who inherits your death benifits.

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