By Fitz - 05/05/2009 12:22 - United States

Today, I overheard my mother and sister talking so I stopped to eavesdrop. I recently enlisted in the Marines, and they were talking about what they would do with the money if I died. FML
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that is so messed up...and someone YDI this... I feel for ya


that is so messed up...and someone YDI this... I feel for ya

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I think you can choose where the money goes OP. Choose an organization you care for. I hope it will never matter though OP, thanks.

I'd buy a lamborghini or Mercedes or jaguar or a BMW z4 coupe.

eavesdroppers never hear good about themselves... :( fyl though really.

Fucken greedy bitches!!!! ur doing an honorable thing!!!! write a will just in case lol

that is terrible! but i have asked my mother what i would inherit when she dies... so i'm going to say we're all guilty of it. just to make myself feel better.

I have never once asked my parents what I would get when they die.

wtf?! FYL for having sh*tty family

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Well, were they talking about buying pimp chains and BMWs, or were they saying they would start a charity or something? This makes all the difference, because it's likely they were just dealing with difficult feelings. It's normal to think about death and be scared when a loved one takes on a risky job.

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I agree w/ #7. Now, having said that, if they were talking about buying shit like jewelry, clothes, ect...I would make sure to list someone else as the person who inherits your death benifits.

wtf?! FYL for having a shitty family

Sounds like it's time to change beneficiaries.

YLIF ...How much is it?

fuck, with 400k I would buy a nice house and a my dream car and still have 40k left

Wow. ...How much is it?

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I'm military too. 400,000 goes to who ever we want if we die while in the service. Plus unpaid wages and the leave we had gets paid out.