By Anonymous - United States
Today, I overheard my mom talking on the phone with my sister about how much they hate my fiancé. My wedding is in two weeks and my family has been pretending to like my future husband for three years. FML
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  d_unsub  |  12

It would be nice if OP's family liked her fiancé but if they don't like him and they are not trying push you away from him or make his life miserable then OP's should stop thinking only about why they don't like him, and start thinking also about what her family is doing just to make her happy

  cameron194  |  9

From the sounds of this fml , OPs family doesn't sound overly concerned with having to deal with OPs fiancé .. They may be slightly annoyed with having to put up with him.. But after the wedding , they're only going to have to deal with him at Christmas and birthdays and stuff:p

By  skokob  |  7

And what's new about that!? It's like 50% of the time that the family likes the bride/groom. At least they are not trying to be rude and show that they hate him. He may grow on them.

By  dolarhyde93  |  5

Yeah who cares what they think? If you're happy then marry him. If you question whether you should marry him or not just because your family doesn't like him, then he probably deserves better.

By  Dilwann  |  27

My mom doesn't hide her 'disgust' for my boyfriend or any of my friends. Then again, my mom is a bitch with huuuuge personal problems.
Still, I'd rather have fights with her over her not approving of anyone I meet than her trying to get everyone else I know to hate him.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

I think you've missed the point. OPs mum or sister isn't trying to turn anyway against him. They dislike him but have quite a bit of decency not to be arseholes to OPs or his face. I'm sure they would say something if was an abusive relationship just sometimes it's better to leave people to get on with it.

By  badbaby_87  |  5

I think it's actually kind of nice of them to not voice their negative opinions of him. Maybe they just find him annoying, and it's not like they hate him over something important like knowing he cheated on you?