By daddoesn'tknowbest - United States
Today, I overheard my husband talking to our 6 year-old about animals for a project. I listened, thinking it was cute, until my husband said gleefully, "Remember to say this in your project: octopuses have 8 testicles." FML
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  enonymous  |  8

All my octopus have orgies so I'm used to 20 penis shaped appendages it also reminds me of my college years with screech, slater, and zach... No wait those were wet dreams about saved by the bell

  DKjazz  |  20

My dad pulled something similar on me. I guess it must have been Pre-K. We were supposed to tell the rest of the class what our parents' favorite food was. My dad's is sauerkraut, but he said sourcrap. Mrs. Klaff was shocked.

By  miZscrZee  |  0

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  TheNewGuy03  |  28

Pendatik, I'm actually partial to saying "octopodes" just to watch the WTF creep up on others' faces.

I think people forget that sometimes words have etymological origins, and didn't just spontaneously come into existence like some sort of linguistic lightning bolt.

|the kid|

  lVluse  |  15

@8 Incorrect. "Octopus" is a term that derives from the Greek language. Only Latin words, such as "cactus," use the plural indication of "i," whilst Greek words simply add "es" to the end. Henceforth, "octopuses" is the correct term, and not "octopi."