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Today, I overheard my husband talking to our 6 year-old about animals for a project. I listened, thinking it was cute, until my husband said gleefully, "Remember to say this in your project: octopuses have 8 testicles." FML
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And 20 penis shaped appendages.

Dumbass! Octopusses have eight vaginas.


And 20 penis shaped appendages.

20? Oh dude... I already told you your pet octopus was a mutant. Normal ones have 8 tentacles.

I thought they had 8. Did you fuse 12 extra penis appendages onto your octopus?

You mean octopi don't have 8 testicles? So everything I learned in school is wrong. Damn American educational system.

Yes.. Or OP didn't hear it clearly when he said 'tentacles'.

Wow. Lmao.

All my octopus have orgies so I'm used to 20 penis shaped appendages it also reminds me of my college years with screech, slater, and zach... No wait those were wet dreams about saved by the bell

That dad is my hero.

Defs Full marks

Only the most bad ass Octopus has 8 testicles...

... I'd like to know where you learned that...

:/ nevermind I used google....

fyl indeed. I mean, everyone knows it's supposed to be octopi, not octopuses.

fyl indeed. I mean, everyone knows it's supposed to be octopi, not octopuses.

He meant 8 tentacles

xD! What an amazing dad!

His kid will grow up to be an amazing comedian, and when he does, he will tell this story. Then we can say, "saw it first on FML. Represent..."

My dad pulled something similar on me. I guess it must have been Pre-K. We were supposed to tell the rest of the class what our parents' favorite food was. My dad's is sauerkraut, but he said sourcrap. Mrs. Klaff was shocked.

I could see Kevin Hart tellin a story about this.

oh the power of knowledge...

Is best given to those who will use it to its best...telling children that the sky is blue because giant pterodactyls live above the clouds.

Parenting at it's best :3

Female octopuses must be pretty happy about that

Dumbass! Octopusses have eight vaginas.


Octopi! The troll has been trolled~

You win the internets

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I think I just puked. I hope you don't breed.

They don't give detentions out to 6 year olds dumbass

#7 - Please st00p. Your killing all of us. Good god. Get yourself back to first grade.

#43 - You're* Don't correct others if you don't have the intellectual capacity to ensure your own messages are error-free.

Wow #43 your grammar is incredible. I bet you're so cool and have lots of friends.

60 and 69, he's just joking.

ACK!!! STUPID STUPID!!! I hate it when people do that "00=u" thing!!! Also, you're. Oh god! A whole 3 extra letters! It could be the death of me!

you're means - you are. so 43 is right .. plus he was only joking.

Your = You're One extra letter.

St00pid bit€H

You confused me!

Pendatik, I'm actually partial to saying "octopodes" just to watch the WTF creep up on others' faces. I think people forget that sometimes words have etymological origins, and didn't just spontaneously come into existence like some sort of linguistic lightning bolt. |the kid|

Who cares 38, did you copy and paste that off Wikipedia?

Well, good to see your name isn't a misnomer, pedantik!

Well, good to see your name isn't a misnomer, pedantic!

Sometimes I sit in the corner pretending I'm a carrot.

Actually, because of the root of the word, "octopuses" is correct, not "octopi".

Actually, octopi isn't correct, it's octopuses or octopodes, look it up.

@8 Incorrect. "Octopus" is a term that derives from the Greek language. Only Latin words, such as "cactus," use the plural indication of "i," whilst Greek words simply add "es" to the end. Henceforth, "octopuses" is the correct term, and not "octopi."

Your husband is bad at math. Octopus got 16 testicles

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He told his kid to say testicle on purpose because he thought it would be funny. That's what made this and FML.

#10... Durp. Durp. Durp. Derp. Derp. Derp...