By Hreyes - 15/09/2011 17:56 - United States

Today, I overheard my boss stressing out over finding a replacement for me. I didn't know I was leaving. FML
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You should go in and quit. Leave him stressing out even more

Since you're leaving, why not take him with you


FYL. Sucks you had to find out that way.

fthislyfe 22

Now you know! Time to find a replacement for this job.

lolololer 8

you might a well quit now and keep your dignity :)

enonymous 8

If it makes you feel better my pants are now hiring... I need someone to hold them up or let them hang low when I need to get all gangsta.

flockz 19

well i need someone to wash my clothes and furniture after i master.... the art of kung fu. ya.

Awkward turtle... :/

Yeah, that's a heads up to go ahead and start looking for a new job.

Dispute 3

quit before he fires you.

Dispute 3

just quit before he fire you

That does suck :-

Contrary to all the negativity swirling around here. I would think the whole situation would be pretty awesome, but that's just me.

shumian 4

Quit while you still have your dignity!

Well that sucks.

ajsciri4 0

I wish I could formulate opinions like this^ but I happen to be too original

She seems like a total bitch. I worked for somebody like that before. Too much stress and no praise. I feel for you! Best of luck!

sickjairo 7

OP should quit so the boss can be more stressed out.

62, bad idea. No severence pay.

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I guess that's a hint.

Guess you are now.

Since you're leaving, why not take him with you

Well now you know.

They don't know how they will do without you but come monday they are going to try.

You should go in and quit. Leave him stressing out even more

Astrum14 24

Better yet, don't. That way she can get unemployment/severance benefits.

office-bot2000 best investment ever

Glitterhinoceros 14

Quick, quit before he fires you.

she wont get severence pay if she quits