By Anonymous - United States - Ridley Park
Today, I overheard a coworker talking about going to what sounded like a dentist's appointment. As she left later, I jokingly said "Remember to open wide!" Turned out her appointment was with her OB/GYN, not a dentist. FML
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By  Tripartita  |  44

Nothing would've been funnier than a joke based on a conversation you weren't technically part of. Now instead of, "Wait, how do they know where I'm going?" your coworker's internal monologue sounded more like, "Freak. Wait, how do they know where I'm going?"

  militarybrat  |  21

10 because if its a woman it would be considered a camaraderie joke whereas if it was a man, it would be seen as crude, possibly even sexual harassment. I got where you were going with it.

  the_real_dvd  |  21

15 is right. I don't understand why the downvotes. This could go from something slightly awkward to a horrifying case of sexual harassment or getting fired if it's a man. Definitely a different type of FML.