By kaz89 - / Thursday 28 October 2010 14:19 / United States
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  rasellersjr  |  0

I think most people that are annoying have no idea they are annoying. It's good you found out OP, most annoying people never do, and spend all eternity making those around them want to rip their skin off and shove it down the throat of the annoyance just to silence it. Now you just have to figure out what it is that is so annoying about you and work on not getting under peoples skin...

  stevarino  |  2

Just change in moderation.
We had an annoying woman in our office. She didn't have an "indoor" voice, wore too much makeup and jewelry and her office was loaded with personal crap AND she pointed out everyone's mistakes.
She must have heard us complaing about her because one day she came in with no makeup or jewelry on. She cleaned out her office to the point where it looks like it's unoccupied unless she's in it and now on the rare occasion when she speaks it's barely above a whisper and we have to keep asking her to speak up.
At first it was great but she is a senior employee and we have more mistakes because she used to nip them in the bud and now she hides in her office from us. We thought she was pointing out our mistakes because she was being annoying. Now we know she was troubleshooting.
All our projects have problems and errors while hers are annoyingly perfect in every way.
All she needed to do was take it down a notch, not scurry away when she sees other humans.
So now she is still annoying us but in a different way.

  stevarino  |  2

No kidding, Sherlock.
But obviously we aren't the only workplace where a majority dislikes one colleague and talks about her, or Heather wouldn't have posted in the first place.
In our case, no one wanted to walk up to her and say, "You're too loud, your hair and clothes are too young for you so you look ridiculous, you wear too much makeup and jewelry and your office is a visual obstacle course of personal crap. All we want you to do is bail us out on our projects but we don't want to see you or hear you or look at your personal memorabilia."
I think a lot of offices have an annoying person that no one likes and it's only human that everyone talk about that person but no one wanted to hurt her feelings.
If we did, we would have said it to her face.
She heard us and is trying to "fix" the things we bitched about but is overcorrecting and just bugging us in a different way.
We just wanted her to be quiet, dress like a normal woman, tone down the makeup, pare down the office junk and bail us out on projects.
Now she looks like a bag lady, doesn't make a sound, works in a completely bare office and whispers "I don't know" to our questions when we know she DOES know.
I'm sorry we hurt her feelings, really. It must have been so hurtful for her to stand there and listen to us rip just about everything about her. But she's 50 years old and needs to GROW UP.

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