By Anonymous - United States - Fpo
Today, I ordered ramen to go. I looked at my order and discovered a cockroach. Disgusted, I showed it to them, and they apologized by "replacing" it for free. Later on, while I was enjoying the delicious food, I once again discovered a cockroach buried under all the noodles. FML
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By  sandracore  |  15

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  Abbeygale  |  8

OP - I think if I hadn't already then I'd actually make myself throw up after that meal, I couldn't handle the thought of eating something that a cockroach has been all
over .___.

  cajekraze  |  7

OP should call the health department immediately.

@45 - Not top ramen like you get 5 for $1. Similar noodles, but better broth and with added veggies and meat

  rizzybear  |  4

Judging by your comment #5 you seem to have a lot of experience with restaurants thinking you're a jerk. Just because you feel that sending a box of spiders for revenge would be funny doesn't mean the OP needs to sink to your level.

  Canchan  |  12

So , by your logic you have to not be a jerk but then be a jerk ? The restaurant was disgusting , but sending them a box of live spiders would be just as bad . What if those same spiders ended up in your food ?

  KiiwiiRox  |  6

Actually people do do that, at least a cockroach is better than spit or pubic hairs.
I've seen people do it to asshole customers.
And yes, I would send spiders to them if I had that done to me, but then again I'm not a bitch to people who make or deliver my food so I don't worry about it.

  birdmanjr  |  1

158, in what universe is a cockroach better than spit? A cockroach vs. pubic hair is debatable, but I would much rather they spit in my food than burry a roach in it.

  ekb777  |  13

Yeah I work at a fast food restaurant, and when customers are especially rude I've seen coworkers spit in food, throw it on the ground and remake it, wipe sweat on the food, etc. I've personally never done anything like that, but it does happen. Pardon this cliche, but you don't want to bite the hand that feeds you. You don't know if they'll put cockroaches in your food, or unseen nasties like spit or sweat...

By  jetsown08  |  21

To be honest, I would have left and never come back after the first incident. That is beyond disgusting. I can only imagine their ramen bowl they have in the kitchen is infested with cockroaches.

  simonsaysYDI  |  8

Yeah... I don't know why you would trust the second bowl. If I was even still hungry I wouldn't want to eat there... but if I had, I would have picked through the second bowl like 80 times before I even took a bite.