By upset - 25/10/2016 00:08

Today I opened the door for my cat and he brought in a rat with him. Now the rat is hiding in my house. FML
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Look what the cat dragged in.

Maybe he'll control you by your hair and make you a famous chef?


MisterKnowItAll 15

He better be paying rent.

I think the bigger question is, did the cat let the rat out of the bag, or did the rat let the cat out of the bag?

Look what the cat dragged in.

Try to get the cat to kill it or mouse traps and food might work but be brave op thing of it as jerry the mouse.

Rat repellent helps

Agrith 19

I've had a cat bring a baby rabbit into the house. Luckily she dropped it in the bathroom and I shut the door before it escaped.


Maybe he'll control you by your hair and make you a famous chef?

Ugh- gross. But! The good news is your cat caught the rat before so he should be able to catch it again! I hope...

Where's the YDI button when you need one?

I don't see why OP deserves it

do you not understand the concept of this website/app or are you blind or something? because they actually do have a YDI button and you can press it instead of letting us all know via comment

my2centsworth 15

Actually, this one has "your life sucks" or "this could've happened to me"