By NotSoClean - United States
Today, I noticed that my very expensive facial cleanser was almost out. I had moved in with my boyfriend recently, and questioned him, telling him "You don't have to use so much to wash your face. That's a $70 bottle." To which he responded, "Oh, that nice-smelling stuff? Yeah, I use that on my junk." FML
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By  wut_fml  |  0

I sure plenty of people will shit on her for spending a lot of money on facial cleanser, but whatever. If she can afford it, then who cares. For people who aren't lucky to have a naturally good complexion, a higher quality product can sometimes make a difference. If she didn't use it and if her FML was about her boyfriend complaining about her acne or whatever, you'd be saying YDI for not taking care of her skin.

  lilsongbird  |  0

Have you ever heard of acne problems? Not everyone's blessed with perfect skin, and common acne solutions don't work for everyone. I spend a lot of money on my facial cleansers too (not $70 worth, but I know people who have it worse.)

I'd venture that your jumping to conclusions (calling the facial cleanser "so near to pointless") as confirming the "Boys suck" statement... But I know plenty of guys who know better than to be as closed-minded as you, so I'll just have to reduce that to "YOU suck." I swear, too many people on this site don't even consider there's another side to these stories.