By NotSoClean - 21/07/2009 18:53 - United States

Today, I noticed that my very expensive facial cleanser was almost out. I had moved in with my boyfriend recently, and questioned him, telling him "You don't have to use so much to wash your face. That's a $70 bottle." To which he responded, "Oh, that nice-smelling stuff? Yeah, I use that on my junk." FML
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who the hell spends 70 dollars on one bottle of facial cleanser???

I sure plenty of people will shit on her for spending a lot of money on facial cleanser, but whatever. If she can afford it, then who cares. For people who aren't lucky to have a naturally good complexion, a higher quality product can sometimes make a difference. If she didn't use it and if her FML was about her boyfriend complaining about her acne or whatever, you'd be saying YDI for not taking care of her skin.


So its fine to use $70 dollars on facial cleanser. Mmhmm, we suck alright. Not like thats a ridiculous amount to spend on something so near to pointless. Good point.

so do dirty little cunts like you

thatwasobvious FTW At least it got to your face - transverse property

you dont even know who i am so i dont think you have the right to say that

until someone drops docs on you, fucktard

She can spend her money on whatever she wants. Just because you wouldn't doesn't make it stupid.

Have you ever heard of acne problems? Not everyone's blessed with perfect skin, and common acne solutions don't work for everyone. I spend a lot of money on my facial cleansers too (not $70 worth, but I know people who have it worse.) I'd venture that your jumping to conclusions (calling the facial cleanser "so near to pointless") as confirming the "Boys suck" statement... But I know plenty of guys who know better than to be as closed-minded as you, so I'll just have to reduce that to "YOU suck." I swear, too many people on this site don't even consider there's another side to these stories.


so? if you love your boyfriend, then it shouldn't matter. plus, why on earth would you buy $70 face cleanser.

If you loved your boyfriend it shouldn't matter? Bitch, that's a $70 bottle he's wasting on his dick. Hell ya, it matters.

Mine cost 260$ but insurance covered it because it is considered a disease

Not all boys are bad, but yeah, the one you're dating is a douche.

It's not like he knew so he's not really a douche....?

who the hell spends 70 dollars on one bottle of facial cleanser???

People who can afford to and enjoy it.

who ENJOYS facial cleaner that sounds like one hell of a wierd fetish to me =/

Dont know but she's either one of those stuck up beauty queen bitches or a fat chick trying to look hot

I don't think she meant anyone gets sexual enjoyment of the face wash.

Or she's a nice girl trying to get rid of her acne or other skin problems, and nothing else works. Don't be an ass.

Just means his dick smells nice!!!

It could be the only thing that clears her acne, or it could be prescription face wash.

What a retard!

wow u life sucks and he is a idot cann't he read the botttle

YDI for spending $70 on MakeJunkSmellGood cleaner

i dont like you one bit.

Oh i agree M13LO. very nice

oh yeah, he's a keeper

nice abs ;P

So, you must get nice-smelling facials.

Why has no one replied to this? It's genius!