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i had a roommate do that to me before. so annoying. she also stole my $50 VS strapless bra from my bedroom and tried to tell me it was hers when it was an entire cup size smaller than her

if this is true that is utterly gross. But it could be worse - they could be underwear that you had worn, not washed, and didn't have stains when you took them off, right? I'd be getting a new roommate asap though

Oh shit, I hate roommates like that. I had a college roomie who tried to hide her pot and booze in MY stuff when our studio apartment was being inspected by an RA. We lived in an apartment complex that had a deal with our school, and one of the rules was absolutely no alcohol, so I could have been evicted for having that stuff on me. Luckily, the girl inspecting our room was a friend and had heard me complaining about her (she was also having parties until 4:00am when I was trying to study, or having her boyfriend spend the night), so when she saw the stash, my roomie was the one that got evicted, not me. Never had my panties stolen, though. I would have killed her if she did.

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