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  matt1337c  |  0

What's wrong with WoW. As long as he's not addicted or anything, there's really no harm. Also chewing your tongue is just a bad habit. No big deal. YDI for caring.

  ginious  |  0

well WoW is an orgasmic and pleasurable game. what did u expect?especially once u reach lvl 50 With ur druid gnome, thats when u get really excited

  tweetbaby14  |  17

OP why are you complaining? big whoop your husband chews his tongue. oh no he left his sock next to the hamper instead of putting in the hamper! quick make an fml! but seriously quit whining, play the game with him, or rub his feet as he plays; your choice.

  AeolusMDD  |  0

87; it's called a Mohawk grenade, Mr. T is not a style of hair.

41; u fail at life!

OP what's the FML here? is it that ur husband chews his tongue during sex or that he plays WoW? Or maybe it's that he plays WoW w/ more intensity and concentration than when he has sex w/ u!

By  Trollz4daLULZ  |  1

YDI for saying "having it off".

FHL for playing WoW.

FYL for being married to someone who plays WoW.

HDI for having a tongue.

At least you spelled "tongue" correctly instead of like "tounge"! :)