By Nuttree - 01/08/2010 07:02 - United States

Today, I noticed my husband chews his tongue while we are having it off. He also does this while he is playing World of Warcraft. FML
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which means you are as good as WoW. be happy!

At least you know he is into it!


so? get over it!

Wtf? Maybe he really enjoys, loves to play and gets really into it.

thats a grose bad habbit.

its funny because this is not a real FML

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Umm atleast he is enjoying it? xD

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haha its funny cause this is not a good fml

I fail to see the relevance.

I used to add my own theme music when I went into a raid. "Jake is here with his almighty rogue double dags hotter than the stove"...yeah... But I quit :(

Lmao and how'd that go for you?

notin wrong with dat

It went so well he quit haha You weren't singing these theme songs out loud right!?

What's wrong with WoW. As long as he's not addicted or anything, there's really no harm. Also chewing your tongue is just a bad habit. No big deal. YDI for caring.

FHL for not playing neopets

what kind of FML is this?????? FML

I noticed my wifebreathes while having sex she also breathes while playing WoW. FML

"Today, I noticed that my wife has an annoying habbit of bitching about me on the internet. FML"

I'm not sure I understand this. It's an FML because he has a habit of chewing his tongue?

so what? this is a stupid fml it isn't even funny or really that bad. ydi fir being a picky bitch

LOL WoW? haha that sucks SOOOOO happy I don't play anymore!

fhl for getting his tongue chewed

at least he likes it, I play WoW too, so you husband is Win hahah

She should tell him to chew on her vag instead.

That's obviously the face he makes when he concentrates at least he's trying in the bedroom.

My troll rogue us so pro

well WoW is an orgasmic and pleasurable game. what did u expect?especially once u reach lvl 50 With ur druid gnome, thats when u get really excited

YDI for your husband chewing his tongue during sex and the world's best MMORPG.

I don't get it, why is this an fml for her?

tweetbaby14 18

OP why are you complaining? big whoop your husband chews his tongue. oh no he left his sock next to the hamper instead of putting in the hamper! quick make an fml! but seriously quit whining, play the game with him, or rub his feet as he plays; your choice.

haha death knights wer its at

Probably just got a Mr. T hair grenade.

87; it's called a Mohawk grenade, Mr. T is not a style of hair. 41; u fail at life! OP what's the FML here? is it that ur husband chews his tongue during sex or that he plays WoW? Or maybe it's that he plays WoW w/ more intensity and concentration than when he has sex w/ u!

Wow. Get rid of him if he plays WoW

Win @ 74 troll rogues are impossible. And I think that op is my gms wife...does that make her guild mistress???

#77 your hillariouse xD I love your coments!

ydi for marrying a guy that plays world of warcraft

Jeez. Playing WoW is nothing bad. It can really help with stress. And this is not an FML, this is (Sparta!) crap.

25 ur fuckn gorgeous

really ur husband plays wow? lol when are ppl supposed to grow up :)

Video games > sex

op i sayen that her husband gets the same pleasue from having sex, as he does from playing WoW

which means you are as good as WoW. be happy!

that's a complement WoW is amazing so maybe it means ur amazing

why the hell is this an FML get a grip!

WoW is gay. It would be different if the game was, say, Crysis.

At least you know he is into it!

maybe you should get him some gum ! it works better then eating you fucking tongue

get him to do that while eating out

You sir, 10, are win for the picture.

YDI for saying "having it off". FHL for playing WoW. FYL for being married to someone who plays WoW. HDI for having a tongue. At least you spelled "tongue" correctly instead of like "tounge"! :)

since when did u become the human dictionary child? and wats FHL?

FHL = F His (= her husband's) Life

*22 you are a idiot. lol. figure it out. haha just sad

hey fuck you 88 she didn't know...

Hmm, he must find lush green landscapes and orgers very hot then...

Mw2 search & destroy all day!

hell yea except my dads a bitch and only let's me play like 2 hours a day

wow... people obsessed with mw2 are weird. and op, it isn't a big deal