By Anonymous - 12/09/2010 02:31 - United States

Today, I noticed I give myself pep-talks when I'm lonely. FML
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if that helps you that's cool.

I honestly don't think that it's that bad!?...


how unfortunate.

I notice no1 cares

wonder what that's like


uuuhkay that's great op . how bout you don't do that anymore . problemmmo solved ;)

better than wallowing in self pity

*cfbeaner is HOT!

I think this is pretty funny... lol!!!

Awww you can talk to me op if you want. <3

Awww op you can talk to me if you want. I'll comfort you if you're lonely. <3

I don't know much, but I know this s*** is f***ed up.

double post sorry.

at least you give pep talks to yourself. my brain always calls me bad names and says i'm going to grow up to be a nobody.

Wait .. is that not normal!?

^^Yes it is normal. Duh

#67: I'm lonely too. Will you comfort me? :3

Shit on your floor...

maybe you should see a psychologist ..

72, The Offspring.. Epic :)

89. Yes I'll comfort you if you want. :D

whatever floats ur boat 

if that helps you that's cool.

everyone does that OP

yeah I do it too. more so in fact after i started my hiatus on twitter (3 weeks & counting)

Good job, little buddy!

Whatever floats your boat...

or sinks your ship, depending on the glass half full/empty idea

or tickles you peach

I am not first.

Hey, I used to like Linkin Park when I was 12 too. Now brush your teeth and get off FML, would be more age-appropriate. I'm sure you'll love it.

I'm liking you more and more, 69

Thanks 6sick6, I try. Also, The Offspring are awesome. Oh, and I like how I somehow manage to get post number 69 in like every thread. My post number 69 on this thread was posted at 11:11. I believe I may have won the game.

how is this fyl? u know wht, fyl!

you should be a comedian.

Not gonna change the fact that you"ll be FOREVER ALONE.

haha what you gettin pepped for?

you have a sad life

Lmao, I like your icon picture.

haha sucks 4 y