By Eliza - 04/04/2012 03:40 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I noticed a strange lady following me around in the mall. After a while I began to get creeped out, so I confronted her. Apparently she has to make sure everything she buys is better than what I buy. After a long silence she said, "What? You never noticed me before?" FML
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14-possible reasons: Sheer boredom and dissatisfaction with life. Mental problems. Sociopathic, covetous personality. Who knows? OP needs to just live her life. There's nothing you can do about other people.

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Some people need the psychoanalysis of Freud to fully determine their strange idiosyncrasies. OP, I think you have great reason to falcon-punch that lady.

Court restraint? It will her her to stop following OP, then again, if the woman I that obsessed it might end ip worse. It's worth a try though.

23- At that point, I might begin to consider dropping the money for a mac. Of course, that is assuming that money equals value. / Linux user

I hate my iPod. Auto correct is a bitch, so let's try again: Court Restraint? It will get her to stop following OP, then again, if the woman is that obsessed it might end up worse. It's worth a try though. Good Luck OP.

RedPillSucks 31

@71 not sure how this relates to 23s comment. Did you mean OP should get a MacIntosh, or a MAC-10? Either way, OP stalker is going to try to get a better MacIntosh or MAC-11

83- he said he was a Linux user, so I think we can all assume 71 was talking about a Macintosh.

Creep. It's Taser time. Tell her to get off your nuts.

Not going to lie, out of all the kinds of stalkers, she's not so bad. Tasers aren't necessary for something this small

Getting the store's security involved, however, is. Ugh, this lady needs to be taught respect, OP.

50-I'd rather have no stalkers at all. It's obvious she wants to be like OP. This isn't something new. I believe it was the Aztecs that used to eat the hearts of the bravest enemies they've killed bc they believed in doing so they would gain their enemy's courage and strength. Stalker girl thinks having better stuff will make her better than OP. It's the modern version of what was done by the ancient people. While OP is just creeped out at the moment, you can never be too careful. Her brain might flip a switch then next thing you know, she's Hannibal.

It's actually a bad idea, because if OP gets a taser, she's going to get a better one.

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I have to admit 130, for all the heartless bastards who didn't get a giggle out of that I sure as hell did.

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Was that honestly worth a comment?

18, it's called a rhetorical question.

13 are any of are comments really worth anything? I read fml for fun and don't expect any recurring benefit from having read or commented on any posts.

Well did you notice her before? How long has she been doing this lol, but ya that's creepy

I say you make sure she is following you and then go buy a Rolex

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or go the other way and buy weird stuff together, like wrapping paper butt plugs and dog food. That should creep her relatives/careers out.

and then return it when shes not there...

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Feel special, OP; not everyone is cool enough to have a stalker. *sigh*

I still don't get the point of having Nikki manaj in that song…

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77, I don't really think there is much of a point of her being there but, nonetheless, her part is my favorite part in the whole song so it doesn't really bother me (:

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It is to how that guys aren't the only creepers, girls can be creep too, for every 3 guy creeps there is one girl creep.

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Guys still outnumber us? Excuse me, I have to alert the feminazis

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She's in the song because she was the musical guest for that episode of SNL.

... Whatever floats her boat and makes her feel better about herself, then.