By awwimanahole - United States - Palmetto
Today, I needed a change of clothes, so I called my mom. She brought me a grey shirt with a toucan on the front and Mexico City spelled in glitter. I asked her why she would bring me such an ugly shirt, and she started crying. Turns out she bought it for me as a present from her trip. FML
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  simplyblades  |  10

No one gives a flying shit #14

  RodzillaX  |  30

Fuckin A right 28.


I have a small feels you're one of those people who think getting hit in the nuts is a lot more painful than childbirth.

Childbirth hurts like a bitch, especially being in it for that long.

Props to you #14 for going through that

  finnrambo  |  13

getting hit in the nuts doesn't hurt that badly though... it just makes you feel nauseous for a bit, I broke my arm at the elbow by having it bend the wrong way once though... I think that's just about equal not that I'd know


28 & 29: you both need to realize she was just saying that her mom has more to hold against her since labour was so long. She's just adding her story onto the situation, you know, connecting!

  \  |  28

Well, girls are shelling out big quids for skimpy clothing... I can't tell if they're being sentimental to those without good clothes or just mocking them...

  cathyfang1533  |  12

Bikini Headquarters
Boss: Okay, we need to come up with a fresh idea, you, what do you got?
Random A: We could try to redesign the one piece.
Boss: I hate it, you're fired and shame on you and your family. What about you?
Random B: Return to our roots and make sensible, yet sexy swimsuits?
Boss: You know what? Fuck all of you, we're going with my design: sew together three triangles of non-waterproof material, add some string and sell it for 50 dollars. Brilliant right?

And that, my friends, was how the bikini was born. Riveting story isn't it? Be sure to check out my new and upcoming novel, Two Dimes and A Chip: The Modern Equivalent to A Swimsuit.

By  lovelyheadache  |  16

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By  lily_marleen  |  20

If she cared enough to buy a shirt as a souvenir, wouldn't she have mentioned where she was going on vacation? It seems like it shouldv'e been easier to put two and two together...

  KiddoKS  |  19

It's not that easy if op still lives at home, though. Trust me, his mom will notice if he's not wearing it. I feel it's better to be honest, but in a more gentle and polite way.

  ottokat  |  15

Though I agree with your point, I am forced to point out that startling and interesting are not synonyms to ugly.
And OP, I'm sure you had no intention of upsetting your mother. Next time just try using a bit of tact and thinking about what you say first, especially if it's negative.