By neverStopLaughin - 04/10/2009 20:31 - United States

Today, I moved out of my parents basement. After I hugged my parents I walked out the door only to remember I left my phone in the kitchen. I open the door and see my parents dancing. FML
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fretforyerlatte 0

oh cry me a river. they're happy to have the house to themselves. now they get to have sex whenever they want. don't be such a baby.

What kind of dance? Just interested. :D


What kind of dance? Just interested. :D

Zhejan 0

LOL, "After I huged my parents" What did you give them, Viagra?

Saccharide 0

OP, are you surprised? My parents have repeatedly told me they'll be happy when I'm out of the house. All parents do this.

Reyo 2

Do you blame them? You lived in their basement.

Dude how old are you ?

chimmy 0

seriously... dancing? unless that is some sort of euphemism for sex? still, if OP is using a euphemism, maybe its a little early to move out. and if they are dancing because they are happy OP moved out, this is extra lame... of COURSE they are happy OP is finally entering the real world and they have the house to themselves. op needs to get over himself.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Seeing as how he was in the basement, that means he was probably trying to have a life of his own while still living with them. I'd guess college age, maybe older? At that point I would be dancing when he left too!

Euphamism? Probably not. Foreplay? Quite possibly!

And that was THE first thing you did in your new place!

fretforyerlatte 0

oh cry me a river. they're happy to have the house to themselves. now they get to have sex whenever they want. don't be such a baby.

Married people don't have sex, do they?

why would they hav sex? they might make another one that takes years to move out the basement

Because condoms don't exist? Idiot. And if he's that old, I'm sure his dad would have had a vasectomy.

You kidding? Even when I still lived in my parents house in my high school days, my parents had sex whenever they damn well pleased. Sex isn't always a factor with parents wanting their kids to move the hell out.

Obviously a joke. Some of you people take this way too seriously.

yes obviously a joke thanks :)

Yes, yes they do my parents were married before I was born

Yeah, they should have been sad that their son was not going to be living with them any longer... In their basement. This is about the worst thing that can ever happen to any parent. They fear the day the their offspring goes out into the world to forge his own destiny. I wonder how they would feel if they knew he was whining about them on the internet; they'd probably be ecstatic. You should e-mail them a link to this, to give them the great news.

aoife123 0

haha, your pic made me laugh :)

stanzskin 0

Huged them? Does that mean you made them huge, like with some kind of antishrinkray gun or something?

KateeJo 0

No, it means he fattened them up and made them do the seasoning ritual dance before he ate them . [:

OP, there is no verb called " to huge" there is one called " to hug" so please spell huGGed correctly next time

Akuser 0

There are these things called typos. Everyone makes them.

theblazian 0

There are these things called double checking and spell check. Most people use them.

If teachers could have the ability to control and teach then they would know how to spell correctly. If you are not a teacher then shut up and ignore the minor mistakes humans make

I don't regularly unless I'm talking to someone important...

Shikyo_fml 0

Hah! When I moved out my mom was still trying to convince me to live in their home and pay them rent for the rest of my life. At least they're not clinging to you like that, right?

Sun_Kissed18 25

Ooo haha ouch, good point. I'd rather my parents encourage me than smother me :P

Yea my parents did that too...they were devastated when I moved out to live with my fiance and they were happy as hell when I temporarily moved back in while he was in

*hugged. lol. oh well, they're parents, they'll be happy you're gone. then be sad 'cause they'll probably miss you eventually :D