By Anonymous - 11/05/2014 19:22 - United States

Today, I moved into my new house. The previous occupants failed to tell me that they'd recently kicked out their crazy crackhead son, who seems to think they've paid me to pretend that they've moved out and that I'm the new owner. He wants back in. FML
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Time to call the police! lol


Time to call the police! lol

Or just call the parents, they could probably straighten everything out for OP. Of that doesn't work then yes, call the cops

"Better call Saul!"

@21 if he's a crackhead he's probably not in the best state of mind to listen to reason.

21: Unless they moved out to avoid their son. Which is shitty for OP. You can't reason with crackheads very well.

They say you are the company you keep...

Or et him in and becomes friends

Crackhead (E.T.) phone home.

Call the police if he doesn't leave you alone.

Well, home is where you make it

You like to see homos naked.

You like to see homos naked??

Home is where the crackhead breaks in!

He probably left his stash in one of the air vents. Just give it back!

No wonder they didn't tell you! Haha but seriously you don't have to put up with him in any way, it's your house and if he doesn't stop get the police involved.

Sounds like something from Breaking Bad..

my first thought

Notify the previous occupants if you can and the police

give him a forwarding address?