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  Today, I moved into my new apartment and met my new roommate. Immediately after shaking hands he suggested that we make a "masturbation schedule" to avoid any awkward situations. Way to avoid an awkward situation. FML
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  InDenial  |  6

#12, Haha nice family guy reference. That episode is so funny. And to #18, I hope you take back what you said because now it sounds like you're calling family guy immature. How dare you!

  MrWTF_fml  |  2

OP are you a girl? because that schedule can be your pleasure time with him!!
and if your a guy then go suck his donkey !!!
YDI for not knowing your roommate.
bottomline just suck his donkey!!!

  abusyboy93  |  0

hahahaha wowwwww I posted that comment just to see how many losers on here would get upset about it and it worked pretty well...f all ur lives for not having a life

  perdix  |  29

Probably not. That means no action from Saturday through Tuesday, so he runs the risk of a case of the DSBs despite the strokefest that runs from Wed to Fri.

It would be OK if he is confident he can be getting sex regularly on the weekend, but then I remembered: It's a guy who schedules his masturbation -- he's either a virgin or in danger of regaining it!

  InDenial  |  6

Yeah better not take the risk...Unless OP masturbates whenever he has the chance, like under the school desk while staring at the hot office lady!