By Mike Messenger - 05/10/2013 13:51 - United States - West Palm Beach

Today, I moved into a new house, I couldn't help but notice a car alarm going off, so I investigated my neighbors. Turns out it's their bird. It imitates chainsaws, car alarms, and much more. FML
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Well, what an alarming situation

the chainsaw will come in handy when you've just watched a scary movie by your self. ..


Well, what an alarming situation

the bird may or may not have an unfortunate accident in the near future if they don't shut it up.

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Teach it to say "I did your mom!"

23. I'm pretty sure OP isn't a 12 year old.

Why must we start with bird violence. Maybe try peaceful talk with the neighbours to see if they can silence it. If not, I agree kill it.

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I understand, but it's better that than a chainsaw...

No dude chainsaw is way cooler.

That sucks! Might want to invest in some earplugs!

I remember living in apartments and thinking someday I would have a house where I wouldn't have to hear everything the neighbors do. I wish that were true. I guess ear plugs or living away from town are the only way to get peace and quiet.

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I prefer the latter.

Worst thing on my list is a smoke detector.

the chainsaw will come in handy when you've just watched a scary movie by your self. ..

That isn't mr. Rogers neighborhood. Tough luck op.

Not sure if this comment relates, or if I am an idiot

Time to invest in noise canceling headphones

I'd pay to hear a bird that can imitate a chainsaw.

Then give me $50 bucks and I'll direct you to a YouTube video. You could look it up yourself.... actually, you can't, you have to pay me $50.

#7 you live up to your name *nods sagely*

Lyre bird can I think.

If you youtube the lyre bird (as the person above me indicated) then you'll get to see this on the documentary without even needing to pay anybody!

#6 I'm sure OP wouldn't mind renting you a room if she has a spare. You can pay her $200 a month or something. Plus you get a dream come true ;P

Welcome to the neighborhood :D

The opportunities for hilarity...OP please continue to make fml's regarding the amazing bird if something happens.

I can see it now " Today, I started my mission to assassination my neighbours loud bird...."

Just round up some stray cats for the assassination. Please, I can already see the FML. Today, a horde of stray cats got into my house and ate my bird. FML.

Time to invest in a new house... Or a gun to kill the bird

Boy, that escalated quickly

if anything that deescalated quickly. I think I'd would try killing bird first before buying a new house or maybe seeing if the neighbours can shut the bird.

Look up lyre bird on YouTube.