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  01100110  |  0

if it was a metal lawn chair it could've caused scratches/dents etc, which are a pain in the ass because they're usually not worth it to replace, but if he's like me, he really cares about his car, then I'd be more pissed than "oh no she hit my car let me post it on FML to get sympathy from the internet"

By  jchansfan  |  0

That really sucks and she should pay for damages, but its also quite funny... Makes me wonder how much damage throwing a lawnchair'd do though. They always seemed so harmless until now... o_O'

By  the_walrus  |  0

I've ran over numerous lawn chairs with no damge to the car, bit different if somethrows it I guess but reletively harmless pieces of garden furniture. It could have been a bbq or wheel barrow, now those fuck up your vehicle.