By Hopelesshomeless - / Tuesday 12 March 2013 18:35 / United States - Cedar Rapids
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  MrBrightside21  |  20

I wish how many "thumbs up's" I get on my comments didn't determine how bad of a person I am. 'Twas just a joke. I am your prey, I admit that to you, Mr. "YouAreMyPrey."

Now let me go think of a clever comeback so I can feel superior to you. Until next time sir... until next time.

  pmadNess  |  14

#5- It's called securing a monetary deposit from the other party so wen they back out, one has time to find another roommate without having to dish out for someone else's bullshit.

  zandalee  |  19

I'd give up on her. I hate people who never challenge themselves in life. Staying living at home at that age?? She's either boring as fuck, a total moron or a mummies girl.
If she is too poor to leave home, that's a different story I guess.

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