By Anonymous - 05/10/2010 14:36 - United States

Today, I missed my own surprise party because, having heard it being planned, I though it was going to be an intervention. FML
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YDI. if u thought ur friends might have reason for intervention

that's funny. sucks for you, though. intervention 4 wat????


that sucks...didnt you have anyone to drive you to the party or something? better hopes for next year?

He didn't go because he thought they were planning an intervention. Thus he is addicted to something and thought he was found out, so he didn't go to avoid it.

Op, you really have some severe issues.

you thought it was going to be a sniper on mw2?! you're stupid. (THIS IS A JOKE)

40. I don't care if that was a joke. you deserve to be permabanned for believing the M200 Intervention Unit is from MW2.

43 you're retarded. I never said the intervention was from mw2. I said it was ON it. you should try reading a persons comment before going off and telling them they should be banned when obviously, you should be banned for being so stupid.


why mai comments iz be hid?!? I wun to haz trollz by thread jacking!

PLEASE don't let this turn into an argument between cod and irl guns, that's even worse than the Chey-tac intervention being mentioned...

that's funny. sucks for you, though. intervention 4 wat????

My thoughts exactly!

haha indeed what addiction do u have? crackhead

Glue sniffing addiction, I bet ;)

YDI. if u thought ur friends might have reason for intervention

Ydi ! Snort some cocaine and everything will be just fine.

You deserve an intervention for your constant paranoia of being involved in an intervention.

YDI for thinking ahead. Hahahaha

well he thought wrong

Oh wow, maybe you should seek help then...or you watch too much tv... SURPRISE!

Hahahaha, WTF? You're stupid.

maybe just stop doing drugs and you'll have a surprise party....

what's drugs got to do with it

I'm pretty sure that's why an intervention is called

Interventions are not limited to drug abuse. They could be for fake accents, hat apparel, or getting married to a girl you just met. The more you know...

hmm... I think they should have interventions like that on tv. like what not to wear. what not to marry sounds like a good tv show