By missy - United States
Today, I missed my flight because I was held in airport security because I'd "threatened" an employee. He had confiscated my eyelash curler and jokingly I asked if he thought I was going to curl him to death. He didn't laugh. FML
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  jess0091  |  0

I use to work at the airport and would have to pass by TSA to get to my job. Sometimes they were sane human beings. Other times they were cruel, heartless, scary creatures.

  SGT_DBL  |  15

One more correction:

Normal, sane, rational human beings > Police > mall cops > the guy with three teeth telling a kid they can't ride on the Ferris Wheel > campus security > TSA

NOW its right. Freakin' pigs...

By  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Airport security is one of the few places where joking is NEVER allowed.

Fuck your life, though.. If he already had it, he should have known you meant no harm.. Especially threatening to curl him.

I had a PEZ dispenser taken away once when I was 12, though, so..

By  KaylieeJay  |  4

It's stupid that you were held in airport security and you missed your flight over an eyelash curler.
However, when you book a flight there is generally warnings EVERYWHERE on the site, booking detail etc of what you can and can't pack in hand luggage. And I thought everyone knows not to joke in an airport on anything sensitive.