By hellosaila - / Friday 27 February 2009 07:58 / United States
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  claireful  |  4

poor kid! his parents just happened to give him a name that starts with the letter he can't pronounce. and if op was having a conversation with him and they were "getting along really well" how did he not use any words with the letter 'r' in them? she shouldve noticed!

WOW!!!! When I was little I had the EXACT same problem. My name's Ryan and I would always try to say it, but it would come out Wyan. Everyone thought my name was Ian or something. So then I started saying my name and then when they didn't get it I'd say "R! I! AN!" didn't help much..... Red Rover gets pretty funny after a while too. "Wed Wover Wed Wover send Tebor white over."

By  Aviva1313  |  0

I spent a whole night wondering what kind of a name Thethi was when I met this girl at a party and finally later that night I heard her talking to someone else and realized she had a lisp and couldn't say Ceci, which is her nickname, short for Cecilia. That's a pretty bad name to have if you have a lisp...poor girl

By  mashedpotato  |  0

I have a friend named Ryan Wheeler with that exact same problem. Basically, sometimes he'll introduce himself as Wyan Wheewew, and I'll find myself accidentally calling him that and introducing other people to him, saying it like that.

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