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Flatulence is the sincerest form of flattery -Said no one, ever.

You really... *sunglasses* ...BLEW that one. YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!


Flatulence is the sincerest form of flattery -Said no one, ever.

Little do you guys know that this FML was written by a dog

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OP's ass just wanted a piece of that action

OP, breaking wind and ice in one blow.

#11 is M. Night Shyamalan.

Was this FML Written by Peter Griffin? :p

Lol that's hot!

R. Kelly pees on girls he likes. I think it's a sign of endearment when you let your bowels go for a girl. Go you, OP!! What a romantic!

You might be shit out of luck on this one too OP

You really... *sunglasses* ...BLEW that one. YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!

I'm sure she was blown away.

you beat me to that comment. Damn!

Hey you're pretty... *farts* OH GOD, who did that!?! O.o

That wasn't the smartest pick-up line to begin with...

If she was that hot you were really just adding gas to the fire.

Bodies have a way of acting up at the worst possible times. Don't let it get you down. Go for it, my friend.

Yeah especially on dates. Word of advice: bring a book of matches with you on a date and when you feel the cloud knocking on the back door go to the restroom, let er rip, then light a match to burn away the hazardous fumes...Not that I would know anything about the subject...

46, I'm getting the feeling you also dont know anything on the subject of dating.

I'd be pretty damn impressed if my date managed to reheat his meal with his own lit fart.

Maybe you'll 'blow her away!'

Just how fart would you go to re-do that first impression?

The answer, my friend, is blowin in the wind.

You started off well.... You just need to work on the ending. I hope she just laughed it off because embarrassing things happen to everyone!

Did you just fart? Cause you just blew me away!