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  lucygwen  |  5

Well then they should have been considerate to their neighbours and rent/purchase a ground floor apartment.
Furthermore someone with six kids should ensure they have financial stability for a house.

  GhostFox  |  33

First off, it's four kids. Second off, financial stability doesn't always go hand in hand with unplanned gaining of a child. In fact, it usually doesn't. Regardless of whether said obtainment is through pregnancy, merging families with a significant other, or suddenly having custody of a deceased loved ones' kids.
Three, the not-ground floor apartment may have been the one the manager chose for them, or the only availability.

By  WinterChild  |  20

I've had the same thing above me for the past year. After many polite phone calls and passive aggressive ways of showing my displeasure we have finally come to a way of solving the issue... I'm moving.

By  mrBearBear  |  11

4 kids all around toddler age? I'm sure the parents have it worse than you. You just gotta deal with noise, they have to deal with actually trying to control them.

By  pjsr  |  32

You can't expect kids not to be kids. Unless they're behaving in outrageous ways, the fault lies with poor construction, not with this family. Talk to the landlord about soundproofing or moving to another apartment.