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Today, I met my new roommate. I hadn't even gotten her name yet, because the first thing she said to me instead was that she wanted to hang her confederate flag on the wall. I'm black. FML
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Too bad the confederate flag and civil war had very little to do with race. Slavery was not the cause of the civil war at all and therefore the flag should have no racial meaning

Time to find a new roommate... again


Time to find a new roommate... again

yeah hopefully she wont get a racist person who hates people for loving there home. Next you will blame cops for shooting someone who points a gun at them.

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Look up the meaning of the confederate flag. It's not about racism.

Thank You 41. number 2 I'm sure she wont notice because shell be to busy raising 5 kids with different daddies. loving your home isn't racist. the girl never owned slaves. Slavery has been gone for a long time. Let me guess you hate Africa and black people to since they were the first ones to sell other blacks in to slavery

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The civil war was not actually fought for slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation wasn't part of it till halfway through the war when the south was winning.

The civil war was fought over 3 major and about a dozen minor reasons. One of those 3 is, in fact, slavery. Learn you some history, #6.

I can almost guarantee #6 is OP's roomate

Maybe you should read the Lincoln's second inaugural address where he explains what the war was about. Slaves didn't go to northern states because of the weather. ;-)

But did you win the war?

Re: "when the south was winning" Untrue. Lincoln waited until after a decisive Northern victory (the Battle of Antietam) to issue the Emancipation Proclamation.

Too bad the confederate flag and civil war had very little to do with race. Slavery was not the cause of the civil war at all and therefore the flag should have no racial meaning

It shouldn't, but it does, and too many effing people ignore that. The n word in the dictionary originally had a completely different meaning, but guess what? Now it means something else. People who hang and fly the confederate flag know exactly what it says. As far as the people who claim they fly it for "Southern pride" or their loss in the Civil War or whatever, they need to get over being all butthurt over losing a war that happened *150* years ago (and yes, the whole slavery part of it was a HUGE deal to them) and realize we are one nation, the UNITED States of America. All this whole Southern pride and cecession crap is BS and nonsense.

So by that logic black people shouldn't be so buthurt over something that happened 150 years ago

Slavery had everything to do with the civil war. The fact that the parties involved were more worried about it being the economic cornerstone of the south than about its actual toll on humanity is irrelevant. If you're going to say "states rights," you'd be correct...if you're talking about how some states demanded the rights to keep their slaves. This was a war the nation's framers absolutely saw coming during the writing of the Constitution, but chose to kick down the road because they believed it less pressing than imminent war with Britain.

#8, meanings get changed over years... Gay meant happy... A burning cross called Scottish clans together... The stars and bars was about southern independence...

Any person that believes the Confederate Flag stands as a symbol of racism is truly ignorant. I'm from the south and we are still quite proud of our Confederate Flag, I am also not a racist and see people as equal when considering race. To #14: You make yourself seem ignorant in saying that we should hang the flag! Yes we are ONE nation, however, each state had its own flags as a means of minor division. Should we just forget about the catastrophe that happened on 9/11 simply because it was 13 years ago? The Confederate Flag is a piece of American history not a symbol for racists to praise. I've had black friends from all parts of America who have seen my Confederate Flag and not one thought it was racist because they weren't completely ignorant!

+1 #26, I live in the northern part of the United States, and I want to let it be known I am not speaking from a biased view. I live in a town with many veterans, from all around the country of whom I respect immensely. But, there is lots of controversy of a recently hung confederate flag. Many call it 'non-nationalist' or 'disrespectful', and mostly known, racist. Yes, a flag is a flag, which represents and shows loyalty and respect for a certain territory. However, the confederate flag is over 150 years of age, where there is no one still alive from that time (obviously.) I have grown to know this flag, as I have met many people who research and devote their lives to learning about the civil war. I will not get into the details of the civil war, but the flag is, and should be a respected part of our country. We went to war with Japan, Germany, and all the other Axis nationalities, but should we disrespect and hate their culture and flag for that reason? I sure would hope not.

@25. Then why was slavery used as a rallying point for the North about half way in, instead of being brought up in the first place with all the other reasons.

43: "We went to war with Japan, Germany, and all the other Axis nationalities, but should we disrespect and hate their culture and flag for that reason?" You do realize that Germany was flying a very different flag at that time, right? I don't think that the best way to win your argument is to associate the Confederate flag with the Nazi flag.

The Confederacy literally split because they wanted to own slaves, who were black. People who are “prideful” or “proud” of their confederacy heritage are fucking racists

Tell her she can do that, if you can have your Black Panther meetings in the common areas every Friday.

That's tough, but hang in there you'll be surprise how close you guys get. Just hang in there to see If it's work out.

The wrath of Farrakhan.

Look at the brightside, she's only a racist not a mass murdered. I guess. ?

I'd rather live with a murderer

The confederate flag has nothing to do with racism, slavery didn't either actually.

It is impossible to make the argument that the Civil War had *nothing* to do with racism. Even if you're arguing that the war was due to states' rights and oppressive economic policy, what economic factors do you think the Confederate states were fighting for?

I love Tupac, but I'm not understanding what he has to do with race rights.