By obnum - 18/04/2013 14:37 - United States

Today, I met my new girlfriend at her house for the very first time. And her 17 cats, whose names all begin with the letter "K", because they're all "kewl kats." FML
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Kewl story bro.

Your've got yourself a keeper ;)


Your've got yourself a keeper ;)

Keeper also begins with K...

Run dude, run far away.

Not just a keeper, but a Kat Keeper!

48- not just a Kat Keeper, but a Kewl Kat Keeper!

I can see this being a TLC show. "Hi. I'm your girlfriend, and these are my cats. Kosh, Kana, Kohn David, Kessa, Kinger..."

OP, did you get to pet her kitty?

Especially if she's into playing dress up.. krazy kat lady during the day , sexy Cat Woman at night. Hopefully SOME thing more comes out of it for you OP , good luck !

Yea.... a keeper far far away.

-45 just cuz shes a weird cat lady doesnt mean you ditch her thats messed up! unless you allergic to cats then keep a safe distance d:

Except for the bit where cats have to be kept away from a newborn. :)

105- Krazy Kat ladies get ditched... That's why they wind up crazy old cat ladies who live alone...

Yeah, in the basement

Kewl story bro.

OPs girlfriend is probably just a fan of Mortal Kombat, and cats ofcourse...

Because in mortal kombat everything is spelled with a "k" jeez...

What about Scorpion?

47 - sKorpion DUH!

Does that means 'Johnny Cage' is a typo?

Johnny Cage isn't from the realm of Kombat. He just went to fight in the tournament.

Doesn't stop Kurtis Stryker from having 'K' in his name.

77- Johnny (K)age

cat woman and not in the good way!

she has lot of pussy definitely a keeper :-)

GTFO Op.... Now!

I know 17 is a lot, but come on, she sounds like she's got a spunky personality and a sense of humor!

142 - How many kewl kata do you have???

Should have been kats,,,,

173- just one :) His name is Floyd.

K,mon! Kids kan't keep keeping kats kompulsively.

Kutest Kewl Kats

ku klux kittens

Hey be happy! Cats are awesome :3

While I agree that cats are awesome pets, 17 is a tad excessive. I'm sensing a potential episode of Hoarders in this girl.

I'm thinking more along the lines of Animal Cops.

Dogs are better :P

did you told her she was a krazy kat lady

I sense a new reality show. "17 Cats and Counting."

More like on this season of animal hoarders we discuss the krazy kat woman.

I can only imagine the smell of that litter box.

You're in for so many scratches and awkward night-time stares :P

Hope you're not a dog person.

I'm a cat person and it still sounds like hell.