By Anonymous - United States - San Francisco
Today, I met my new class. There are two Kevin Smiths. Neither will agree to a nickname, they have the same hair color, and their middle names both start with J. They have told me to call them Kevin 1 and Kevin 2. They both want to be Kevin 1. FML
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  rbubbles  |  20

That's where you stuffed up OP, why give them an option? You decided who's Kevin 1 and who's Kevin 2. Then to distinguish 1 from 2 pay attention to the style of his hair cut, color of his eyes or even the shape of his nose :)


There was a lady who called for her son by yelling "Kyle!" My brother looked over. She tried again by saying "Kyle Daniel!" My brother looked over again. Third try. "His initials are KDH?" Still didn't work. Names are tricky sometimes

  jjake20140  |  2

The issue is that if Kevin beat Kevin, then Kevin will also lose to Kevin. So Kevin beats Kevin yet Kevin loses to Kevin, then we may be stuck in an endless loop of Kevin beating Kevin losing to Kevin.