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Today, I met my new class. There are two Kevin Smiths. Neither will agree to a nickname, they have the same hair color, and their middle names both start with J. They have told me to call them Kevin 1 and Kevin 2. They both want to be Kevin 1. FML
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puppster391 16

Kevin J. Smith will have to get over it, then.

Sit them on opposite sides of the class and call them Kevins Right and Left


puppster391 16

Kevin J. Smith will have to get over it, then.

Which one shall it be. The suspense continues...on another note, why not figure out which one is Kevin 1 by who is the oldest? Pretty easy solution.

JoshTheMaggot 8

Or the teacher can just call them by their middle names.

TheRandomIndian 17

Kevin JoshTheMaggot Smith

That's where you stuffed up OP, why give them an option? You decided who's Kevin 1 and who's Kevin 2. Then to distinguish 1 from 2 pay attention to the style of his hair cut, color of his eyes or even the shape of his nose :)

aussieaccents 7

When there were 2 Sarah's in my class, people called me Haras. Call one Kevin and one Nevik.

bfsd42 20

Or call one Kevin and one smith.

ArielTheMermaid 17

There was a lady who called for her son by yelling "Kyle!" My brother looked over. She tried again by saying "Kyle Daniel!" My brother looked over again. Third try. "His initials are KDH?" Still didn't work. Names are tricky sometimes

tjv3 10

Well just call them by their full name then. First middle and last or just call them by their middle name

You have to be creative. Kevin 1 and Kevin alpha or something.

ise3 10

They obviously did this on purpose

Sit them on opposite sides of the class and call them Kevins Right and Left

Would it be the students left or the teachers left?

Or sit them on opposite sides and call one shirley and the other...another uncommon girlie name until they decide and avoid the "whose left" issue

kate12345678901 15

or he could call them based on their eye color...

Zarp 3

Pick a favorite, call that one "Good Kevin". Problem solved

Oh king of the hill reference :) GH for good hank BH for bad hank :) or for you GK and BK

ElementaryEdGuy 18

24- It was Hank, and Good Hank. They didn't call the older Hank "bad Hank."

kate12345678901 15

bk hahaha

He did call him bad Hank once. "Well you burnt my patty, didn't ya BH!

kentuckyguy 4

Kevin Smith?Call the one who is fatter Lunchbox and the other one Silent Bob...

Snootchie Bootchies!

An instant up vote for the both of you!

JR_Goes_Rawr 11

Make them compete in some form of competition and the winner can be Kevin 1. My bets are on Kevin!! There is no way Kevin can beat Kevin.

lishajoy777 14

My money's on Kevin too!

The issue is that if Kevin beat Kevin, then Kevin will also lose to Kevin. So Kevin beats Kevin yet Kevin loses to Kevin, then we may be stuck in an endless loop of Kevin beating Kevin losing to Kevin.

Kevin no longer has meaning to me...

kentuckyguy 4

Thunder Dome Style... Two Kevins enter,one Kevin leaves...

At least if they misbehave you can say to their parents; "..We need to talk about Kevin"

So if one misbehaves, taking the 50/50 chance of getting the wrong parents is a good idea?

I got the book/movie reference #9

*slow clap* Brilliant #9.

that movie is messed up :0 good...but crazy :0

Call them by their middle names eg Kevin James or Kevin John?

Best idea ever. (: I can't blame either Kevins for not wanting to be referred to as #2.

Well this is simple, they fight to the death!!! ... Or just call out their names as "Kevin John" or "Kevin James", but that's too boring.

Make them fight to the death.

Where do i remember this comment from? Ugh, damn this amnesia!

agree. There can only be one.

Go by their birth months, whoever is born first us Kevin 1. Or you could call them by their birth months...

crazytwinsmom 25

Sure... Kevin April and Kevin May! Kevin August would be ok but anything else would be pretty bad. Funny but bad!

But what if it was the same month?

What if they were born the same exact day...

What if it was all planned??