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Today, I met my mother's deeply religious fiancé for the first time. His response upon seeing me was to look me square in the eye and say, "You'll need to take out that nose stud or I'm afraid you'll not be welcome in our home." FML
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Hopefully your mother will stand up for you.

I don't see what your nose stud has to do with religion, this guy sounds like a bit of an ass!


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What a jerk

crazytwinsmom 25

He's just being nosey.

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Ahhhh I see what you did there.

You need to take out your fanaticism or your not welcome in OUR home. Freak.

Some people can pull of nose rings, others just look moronic.

OP's step-father-to-be casts religious people in a very bad light. I myself am religious, and I adore piercings and plan on getting more than the ones I have. I also like tattoos. One should absolutely never judge, or snub someone because they made a decision you don't necessarily agree with. A truly religious person would already know that. On a side note, nose piercings are cute and fun OP, be proud (:

Take it out and stab him with it! Too much?

You could respond "you'll need to take that stick out of your ass if you would like to be welcome in our home"

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Was it his house? If it was then there isn't much you could do. If it is your mom's house then that is a different story.

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Damn OP your mum is engaged to a freak. I'm in your state so give me a buzz if you want me to go intimidate him =P

you need to have a talk with your mom. if he can't show a decent amount of respect for that sucks. I know he's special to her, but your kids should come first.

you need to have a talk with your mom. if he can't show a decent amount of respect for that sucks. I know he's special to her, but your kids should come first.

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The bitching I would give that guy, god I wish I was in your position OP.

Hopefully your mother will stand up for you.

shan88 14

You would hope so but a lot of mothers (not all) aren't supportive of their children when it comes to their new partner. Sad but true.

"You know it's sad but truuuuue."

zombieslayer83 19

Almost like she's a scape goat.

damn_homie 2

Fuck him up

22- you've got that right, my mother has put my stepfather above me for quite some time. Even to go as far as kicking me out simply because he doesn't want me there.

I don't think they are close enough considering they are engaged and her daughter just recently met him for the first time (even though she should sty by her daughter regardless)

Divorced parents, strangely my dad would leave someone if I made the slightest complaint, yet years of me and others telling my mom she's with an abusive psychopath and it's like talking to a brick wall. Maybe she's just insecure and afraid to die alone, but I hope if one day I adopt/have a child i'll remember to put my child's happiness ahead of my own.

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My bitch of a step mom did the same thing it was crap

That's awful. Some people really don't get what family means.

I don't see what your nose stud has to do with religion, this guy sounds like a bit of an ass!

Generally religious people are very conservative and conservative people are often strongly against body modifications... It seems pointless to me though.

12- I think you're just stereotyping. My family are Christians, and both my brother and sister have a piercing and tattoo. So do quite a lot of people we know. I don't think religion has anything to do with it.

Cassandrax731 5

The Bible says no piercings. So if he's Christian, that's why. But still, that's ridiculous! That's way too conservative.

This is either OPs mums second marriage or she had OP out of wedlock but he has an issue with a piercing. Not being religious i don't have an issue with either of these situations but his stance Seems a bit stupid to me.

20- I'm not stereotyping all religious people as being conservative, I'm just saying that some highly religious people are. It makes sense because often times religious teachings pose limitations on people's appearances. For example, some divisions of the Jewish religion and the Mormon religion require females to wear modest clothing. Also, regardless of a persons religion, most conservative people are against any form of body modifications, because well, getting body modifications is just not the conservative thing to do.

perdix 29

#3, in some religions, piercing and tattooing are considered mutilation of one's own body and are explicitly forbidden. So, yes, it can have a lot to do with religion.

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I would have said, "You need to take that stick out of your ass or you're not welcome in my breathing space." I hate it when others feel like just because they believe in something that everyone else has to obey their every little whim.

20 - I think you're taking it too personally. Note that "generally" was used. I think it was a fair statement.

Even if it did, it's HIS religion, not hers. And she is not his daughter either. FYL OP, looks like you're heading for a world of conflicts with that pompous ass. I hope your mother will stand by you.

I think HE's stereotyping! OP is just telling the story, referring to what HE said. Being a Christian he should know God loves us all. Maybe he needs a reminder of Jesus and Mary Magdalene... It is what you do that defines you as a person, not what you look like, something your family so wisely seems to acknowledge :)

24 Yes the Bible does say in Lev. 19:28 not pierce or tattoo yourself for the dead, but it does not apply. It was civil law placed by God for that time and place. Not moral law like the 10 commandments. But I don't want to start an argument on here so if you think otherwise go ahead and message me.

50 Really? I've never read that before, but that's interesting. I don't believe there's anything sinful with tattoos and piercing anyways though. My family is Christian and my father is fully sleeved and has both ears done. My mother even has a few. So there you go lol

When I was a child, my mother married one of these religious nuts. I am not calling all Christians religious nuts but they do exist. They believe you cannot modify body in any way as your body is Gods temple... and that everyone must also follow these standards. It is their God given responsibility to "save" and impose beliefs on others. My step father removed my earrings when he moved in. I was six years old and destined to burn in hell because I had pretty diamonds in my ears.

poemqueen 15

24, 50 the Bible says that you should be modest in appearance, it doesn't forbid getting nose or ear piercings. As for the tattoos the Bible does forbid that, because the ink is a poison to your body, and it would be considered a defilement of the flesh. Honestly, if the religion he belongs to forbids piercings, it might, probably, also forbid living together before marriage so you might wanna bring that up OP.

About ten years ago I worked in an office with observant Jews (I'm an agnostic Jew--I have the ethnic aspect but not the religion). Piercing the earlobes and the nose is okay, while other piercings and tats are forbidden. Maybe the stepfather-to-be is just a douche. And hopefully OP's mom backed her up.

104 I'm going to have respectfully disagree as far tattoos go. The verse I stated earlier is the only verse in the bible that speaks on tattoos. And the account in 1Cor. 6:4 talking about your body being a temple refers to sexual immorality. But hey I could be wrong, I'm no theologian.

@#3 and bit of a hole!

bfsd42 20

I'm not sure where you people are all getting the idea that op's stepfather to be is Christian.

I come from an extremely religious family and they're all fine with piercings. In fact, almost all the girls have their noses pierced.

141-good point. OP never actually mentioned what denomination the guy was. either way, he sounds like a massive tool. if piercings offend him he should gently inform OP of it, and respectfully request he/she remove them. having a stepdad who moved in and instantly started grounding me left right and center, the fact he said 'our home' really grates on me

7yzz 18

Who cares even if it DID have something to do with his religion, he has no effing right to impose it on her ANYWAY!

Where? Cite please!

Ask him to point out in the bible where it says no nose rings.

Did this just turn into /r/atheism?

Actually, catholic church doesn't allow you to do anything to your own body in regards of piercings and tattoos etc...

Get out of there house Satan.

House Satan? As opposed to sky Satan, or surfing Satan?

iGottaFindBubbah 12

Get out of their house, Satan or Get out of there, House Satan! I like the second one better.

What about that did you not understand? Maybe my attempt at humor failed. That's fine, but I didn't call her "House Satan." What the fuck is House Satan? Satan has a house now? Did he get evicted from Hell?

Your improper use of "there" and lack of comma implied that you were calling her "house satan." How can you not have picked that up from the previous comments yet? 43 even wrote it out for you.

We all know biker Asian is the most dangerous. Rofl *satan

63: The way you spelled "there" makes the House Satan bit the only correct way to interpret your comment. You also could've avoided this by using a comma. The point is that you suck at grammar and spelling, and nobody knew what the fuck you were talking about because of that. Literacy, brah.

There, their. Yeah I guess I had that one coming.

You more than had it coming, you opened the fucking door, invited it in, got on your knees, and begged for it to happen.

Errarre human est, I think you are hilarious! Especially your question about satan being evicted from hell :D

Thank you, but I did have that shit coming. Guy in the gorilla suit who's name I just forgot so I'll call you Gorilla Suit, I deserved that ass thrashing you gave me.

#72- Sorry Sam Jackson, not everyone can so eloquently cuss someone out like you and not butcher the English language. Maybe I should have left the basement, got of my computer, and ask my mother to proof read it.

*Off my computer. Damn, I did it again.

Was I the only one that started laughing at 63's comment? Not in a mean way, but I thought it was hilarious.

I originally read this as' house Satan' and I died of laugher. I thought maybe this was to be a new trend. But alas! No, it was just the misuse of 'there'.

145 - yeah same here. My stomach is cramping up from laughter. "Satan has a house now? Did he get evicted from hell?" Hahaha! Genius!

BubbleGrunge 18

Oh fuck him and his religious bullshit. Tell him he can accept you for who you are or you can make his life a living hell. Fucking religion is good for nothing but hate!

zombieslayer83 19

just going to say WOW!

Sounds like you don't need religion to be hateful.

5- comments like yours are good for nothing but hate! Don't judge all people who have faiths and religions, because of one or two looney idiots. It'd be like me judging the whole human race because of your insulting comments.

BubbleGrunge 18

I've been hurt by "religion" so many times that this seems to be a automatic response to anybody using their religion as a tool for dictating someone else's life. If you want to live for your god, live for him as a spiritual individual, not following a man made religion. Jesus would be appalled at the hate people exhibit in his name. Also, 29, I live in the Bible Belt of the United States; trust me it's not just one or two loonies, it's the majority here!

Not all religious people are like that. And you're spewing a lot of hate yourself.

That's unfair of that bastard.

I have nothing against religion or anything, but I hate when people try to change others because they somehow bother their religion.

perdix 29

#7, yes, you do have something against some religions, but rightly so. Some religions instruct their followers to make others become followers, too. They are told to impose their will on others. You should and probably do have something against that aspect of those religions.

It's more so the people than the religion. I'm Lutheran, and I'm supposed to get people to see the light of God and whatever, but I personally don't try to convert people because I respect their beliefs.

So shorty do you actually believe in the light of God? I ask because if you truly believe in your faith which excludes the faith of others then by not helping them see the light aren't you in fact damning them to hell? ;) I like that you don't pressure or harass people I just wanted to point out that perdix is correct many religions call on their followers to spread the faith and if people of those religions don't spread the word they either hate their fellow man enough yet would rather that person winds up in hell or whatever equivalent then heaven ... Or they don't really believe in that religion. So now that the beehive is all poked and stirred up lets take the original statement yes that person has an issue with some religions not people... In fact I take issue with the people who don't ever try to share their faith even once if its the one way and I'm wrong why wouldn't you tell me?

That came out more confrontational than it is intended lol

Lol, that's okay. But with what you said about damning to hell, I will admit I am bad by my religious standards on getting people to see the light. I just don't like people telling me what I should/shouldn't believe, so I don't force others into it. But if someone was an atheist looking to find God or something, I would gladly talk about religion to them.

bfsd42 20

The thing with religion is that there is no right or wrong religion for all people. Religion is about doing what you believe to be the right thing. My religion has only one follower. Me. I am not Christian or Muslim or Hindu but I do what I believe makes me a good person. Yet, my religion is just as viable as any other. So, in my opinion, it IS wrong to push your beliefs on others. Other religions are NOT wrong. Just different from yours. A truly good "god" would know this.

To me, religion all boils down to the same basic thing. One God figure that you should worship. Its just the way people worship thats really different.

SarahBearah1995 11

People can thumb me down all they want, but I am proud to believe in God and be a follower of Jesus Christ. That being said, I absolutely disagree with the institution of religion. I am not religious. Man has gotten too involved in what realistically should be a relationship and made it something political and ceremonial. There is a time and a place to share your personal beliefs, and sadly, more often than not, religion does not respect those boundaries. I will gladly talk about my Jewish ethnicity and my belief in Jesus Christ with people, but only when they want it. And if they don't agree, I drop it. A lot of people don't know when to stop. Pushing people is not ok. OP's mom's man is one of those people who just needs to know when to stop.

165, i sincerely wish there were more people like you in the world, because it would be a much better place if there were!

Lauaries8 16

144 - You have just said what I've always tried to say. Bravo. I love you. That's what religion is, at least to me - How I matter, define my moral compass and how I can change the world. By not pushing what I believe on others or changing their thoughts and opinions.

and for non religious people, the bible can still teach good morals. don't steal, don't be an asshole, etc.

"Well that seems to be up to my mother, now doesn't it?" you should say.

If I were OP, I would reply: "Well, I was here first, so excuse me, but "our home"? Since when did you get the permit of the house?"

Same thing happened to a friend of mine, kinda. His Mom got remarried, new husband hated the kid and kicked him out, two years years later he was put in Juvi Anyways, good luck, OP :)

well. that probably reassured ops confidence.

9: That's child abuse. If buddy doesn't like his stepchild, he should move the fuck along to somebody else; likewise, mom oughtta stick up for her child. People forget that teenagers are vulnerable and need parental support. What they don't need is to be kicked out on their asses by some guy who's banging their mom.

perdix 29

He can't have a harlot in his home. When you have your own house, you can put the nose stud back in. (I don't object to nose piercings on moral grounds, I just think of the snot collecting on the backings and it grosses me out!)

I've got a nose piercing and the only time that really happens is when I have a cold. It's grand the rest of the time

You no they put nose rings in bulls because its the most sensitive place and makes them easier to control

Come on Perdix, we both know piles of snot turn you on...

Nose studs don't have backings. They are either a nose bone which is shaped like a bone with a small ball on the end to keep it from popping out, or a nose screw which leaves a small bit of wire in the nostril which is nothing like a big backing.