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  AnneFTW  |  17

33 Why on earth on you still visiting your ex's parents? Way to look like you can't get over them. Also, how awkward would that make things for your ex's new partner?! Move on and stop trying to hold on to your ex.

  jane79  |  0

some are, my ex mother in law was she hated me and did everything she could to split us up, but on the bright side he is out of my life and so is his family and that's a good thing. but there are some good mother in laws my soon to be mil is great and I love her

  morgan020  |  0

My mother in law is really nice. We go to the movies and lunch together all the time. I probably spend more time with her than my own mom. It's really nice to get along with my in laws. It's one less thing for my husband and I to worry about.

  Bludmagnus  |  13

I's not about talking to the ex.. it is the fact that the MIL refers to his wife (the poster) as just "a friend". This MIL needs to be given so serious reality... and it needs to start very soon.