By Jessica - Australia
Today, I met my boyfriend's sophisticated grandparents. I politely introduced myself. The first words to come out of his granny's mouth were, "If something happens to him, you won't get a f*cking cent of the insurance money, you hear?" FML
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  BuhZinga  |  2

The real question here, GrahamAker, is why would the grandma assume op was after insurance money? Is the boyfriend in some kind of high risk career with excellent insurance benefits? Maybe he's in the military? If so that's something op should have mentioned. The way it's written now makes it seem like grandma's expecting little Johnny to croak at any moment...


I agree with 81 i mean if your a grandparent why would you even begin to think about outliving our grandchild ? granny was just saying u better be here for the right reason but she proly could've approached it a little differently

  sourgirl101  |  28

I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps the grandfather believes you're "only" dating his grandson to be with him to share the inherence when he does die. Or perhaps I'm just looking too deep into crazy talk! Lol