By PLU - 27/01/2011 00:57 - Canada

Today, I met my boyfriend's brother. When he saw me, he whispered into my boyfriend's ear, "So, this is your bitch eh? Nice!" FML
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atleast the "nice" was thrown in there... :-

"Your bitch?" People still use that phrase? I thought it died along with "Hater" when 2010 ended. Oops, guess I was wrong.


Stop whining and take that as a compliment. Bitch. -_-

Is it me or can I picture his brother saying "nice" in like that surfer voice or the idiot from "dude, where's my car?" kind of voice?

It was more of an Italian accent for me, try it.

it's a Canadian accent... "eh"?!?!? the brother's an idiot, maybe op's boyfriend too if he didn't do anything after hearing that

borat very nice!

I read it in an Irish accent before I read the OP was from Canada...

I agree with #2

"Your bitch?" People still use that phrase? I thought it died along with "Hater" when 2010 ended. Oops, guess I was wrong.

No joke. I thought "epic fail" , the lame Soviet Russia jokes, Justin Beiber whoring, and the obsession of attention whores wanting to be the first commenter on an FML all died off in 2010 as well. Now I know I was dreaming. A vast majority of our civilization has yet to move on.

in soviet Russia, stupid slogan / tendency / people never die.

well that explains it, they live in Canadia

I really appreciate the Justin Beiber part of this post:)

atleast the "nice" was thrown in there... :-

Agreed. Take it as a compliment.

#4 I agree! Can't stand it when people say hater.

dont be hatin!

I hate haters :)

don't be hating on hatred, hater :)

Haters gonna hate!

What a hater. You hating on the hatred of haters because they hate

I hope you said something like, "Is this your brother? Damn, I thought you said he was good looking."

y? he basically told the boyfriend that she was good looking and that he approves of her. y u gota be a bitch about it?

Aside from the offensive language, he said you were a "catch". for the compliment about you being a hottie, you totally deserve it ;)

I think we can all agree that your boyfriend's brother is a douche, but you're not dating him so who cares?

i dont agree, u douche!

you said "I think we all agree" right under someone who said they didn't