By Anonymous - United States - Houston
Today, I met my birth father for the first time. The first thing he told me was that if I ever get arrested, I should give him a call so his guys on the inside can look after me. I don't think there's going to be a second meeting. FML
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  brocho  |  26

Yes, I screwed up when I was younger and got arrested for battery. I saw it as an opportunity to turn my life around and have. Everyone makes mistakes, and as long as you learn from them and correct them, they can be a good thing.
Also, nearly everyone has done something that could've gotten them in jail, it's just a matter of getting caught.

  Talis99  |  26

#19, you're one of those inspirational ones.

While I do pride myself on being one of those folk who didn't do stuff that could get the arrested (minor speeding and lying to a boss are the extent of my bad, and yes, they are still bad, I don't pretend they aren't), I don't judge others who didn't do the ultimate bad. Rape or murder or abusing children are unforgivable. Everything else, theft, vandalism, non-crippling battery, etc, I don't know your circumstances and maybe you came from a bad situation and made yourself a good one or maybe you were one of those kids who couldn't resist temptation the way I did and turned it around.

My kudos to you. Hey, maybe I'm the boring one and you have stories to tell. Either way, high-five and keep it up.

By  dkane  |  12

I'm pretty sure even if you don't meet your father again, he will keep his promise, he sounds like a nice guy that fell into the wrong crowd