By CC - Sweden
  Today, I met an old friend, with whom I have a complicated history and we hooked up. He came before we even started. In his sleep, he pushed me out of the bed. When I woke up, he had peed himself in his sleep. Glad I let that ship sail. FML
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  ntherewas1  |  11

Are you sure he didn't do all these thing on purpose? One incident in isolation may be an accident, but with all these douchey expound problems he really seems to dislike you...


Am I the only one thinking about it from his perspective?

He's probably loved the OP since the day they met, and the excitement of the moment made him fire too soon. Stressed out by failing his dream girl, he was unable to sleep well and became restless; resulting in him flailing about unconsciously and wetting the bed. Now he'll be ashamed of this moment forever and endlessly ridiculed by the faceless people of the interwebs.