By lilshoobydoo14 - 15/10/2010 04:18 - United States

Today, I met a guy that I liked. We really hit it off, that is until his parents walked by and he started begging them, down on his hands and knees, to buy him a new video game. FML
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Well, on the plus point at least you know how to make him do whatever you want now. Just buy him a game, then let him play when he is good.. and take it away from him when he is bad, disobeys you, or if he fails to pleasure you. ;-)

So, did they buy him a new video game?


well, now you might not like him anymore so what.

I wonder what he did when he came back to talk to OP again... :/

it depends on the game.

So true LiveThenDie.

it shows he loves and respects his parents. what's ur problem, OP?

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If it was COD Black Ops, can you blame him?

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still i don't think he had to go on his knees for a game. he needs a job

29 - I would still blame him.

if it's Call of Duty: Black Ops then it is entirely understandable and you will forgive him and give him a bj while he is playing like every good gf should!

Exactly what I was thinking.

zerobahamut03 2

Hey, you have to like someone in their good times and their embarrassing immature times. It's a guy...maybe he's comfortable in front of you. It might have been a awesome game that he's been wanting.

halo> cod :P

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NBA 2k11

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Or....Or.....You now have the knowledge to completely control him.

was it MoH?

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If it was then I would understand. I bought my copy a day before the release date and I'm addicted to that game now. Pure awesomeness!!!

medal of honor

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no vanquish that s**t is epic

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dude that the shit

What are you guys taking about? Getting ass beats any video game, any day.

Dude When black ops comes out, i'm gonna have to say bye bye to ass for at least 2 weeks :)

dudeitsdanny 9

Everyone knows he wanted to reserve Pokemon Black/White, and OP should forgive him even when he imitates Pokemon cries in bed. Of course, I think I saw a Barbie game for DS on the New Releases shelf on Tuesday..

understandable, I guess I lucked out with my roommates.

MoH sucks. Just played it. Too call of dutyish, but worse. Just a cheaply made game...

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Call of Duty: Black Ops is going to be the Game of the Year, calling it right now...

haha fail RDR is game of the year

I bought black ops. it's GAY

jdimaria3 13

completely agree

this might sound weird since I'm a girl, but I actually like playing Call of Duty: Black Ops....haha.

Well, on the plus point at least you know how to make him do whatever you want now. Just buy him a game, then let him play when he is good.. and take it away from him when he is bad, disobeys you, or if he fails to pleasure you. ;-)

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^ This. Knowledge is power.

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excellent logic my friend!!

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riding on (a) flying llama

So, did they buy him a new video game?

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I wonder what he'd do for a Klondike Bar! If you have some sort of sexual predilection that is too disgusting for anyone to do for you, you might have found your man.

If that's the case, the OP could just look on FML. We have stories from people that wet the bed, shit on their sleeping roommates, are Dutch oven enthusiests, sitophilics, and more.

How could you have forgotten unicorn strap-on horn enthusiasts, rbg?!

Don't forget Grandma with the cherry "massage gel."

perdix 29

Blumpkin, anyone? I don't believe such a thing even exists. I think someone wrote it into Urban Dictionary as a goof and they fell for it. Have you or anyone you know ever been on either end of a blumpkin? I can envision a great comedy sketch where the receiver of a blumpkin has erectile dysfunction and constipation while the giver has chapped lips.

I didn't forget, TIJD, I just wrote the comment in the middle of the night and listed a bunch of things, realized it was too long, and cut out all but the first four I had listed. Truthfully, Perdix, I can believe such things exist in real life because whether we like it or not, there are people into everything you can think of.

perdix, I've heard of a girl offering that to one of my friends.. but ppl found out so nothing happened

give him a chance :)

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That's the type of guy who will live in his parents basement till he's the age of 50.

nah chances are he'll realize how big of a loser he is then kill himself.

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Or he could want to act all mature & have sex in public.

maybe, but chances are if he's, living at home with his parents he's not having sex lol and don't knock public sex til you've tried it

and 18 nothing wrong with living with your parents while your in school(uni included) but if you're working full time and still can't sever the ties, that's kinna sad

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yeah but now u know he's the one who will get on his knees

I think the situation depends on the guy's age? Haha