By curiousorange - / Sunday 5 July 2009 15:58 / United Kingdom
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  Diosjenin  |  0

@16/39: 1) Your father used to beat you, 2) someone spiked YOUR drink once or twice, and 3) you've been reading Germaine Greer, all of which has left you completely unable to think of anyone with a penis as a decent, caring human being, as they're all obviously out to prey on women for their own selfish and perverted ends. Additionally, it is your time of the month and you are the mother from FML #696283.

See? I can make completely unfounded assumptions too.

P.S.: It's "try to," not "try and."

  ElectroBunneh  |  0

LOL! I absolutely love how they wrote this paragraph explaning you and all you have to say is "you fuck your mum"
I think you are officially the most idiotic person I have ever seen on this site. Other than the tards that go around saying "FIRST COMMENTT!"

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