By TheBeautifulOne - / Thursday 23 August 2012 13:42 / United Kingdom - Ayr
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  Larawk  |  8

The rest of that is "but, always make fun of those who are different"

  thgiL  |  9

Does the UK fingerprint for any crime? Just wondering because Canada only fingerprints for serious offenders. But I know some countries do. Thanks in advance.

  mzrobinson  |  13

#68 it's called google.

  AwsumShyGuy  |  12

The point #1's trying to make is that the bullies end up a hard life of crime, while the bullied end up successful, hence OP getting arrested and the person OP made fun of became a cop.

  Legendoflaw  |  4

At #70. Just because you don't know doesn't give you the right to act like a bitch and make someone else feel terrible. People like you bring everyone down. Bitch. SMH.

  SherBear133  |  7

68 - Four out of five times, I get fingerprinted when crossing the border into Canada. I'm a US citizen and this has been going on ever since I was a toddler. I'm pretty sure I haven't committed any serious crimes. Is this normal for Canada? :P

  Syneriam  |  7

8- agreed, but in this case she was. She deserves it I bet the girl was so happy, and her username is "the beautiful one" or something along those lines, which I have to disagree with that ugly attitude. I just dislike people who think its okay to make others feel bad about themselves.

  Axipiter  |  24

Fuck yes. Personal story, I used to get made fun of all the time in high school, and now I'm just waiting for my high school reunion comes around so I can show them how much better than them I am. I'm probably going to thank most of them too, because now I have awesome friends and a great life, something none of them could have offered me even if they had have been my friends. Karma is a GREAT thing. She's never treated me wrong.

  Trix_Disorder  |  20

^I agree as well. Shitty things happen to good people, good things happen to shitty people. There is no rhyme or reason, although it is fun to point out when shitty people get what for.


Too bad karma isn't real. Good and bad things happen to everyone at many points in their lives. People also happen to do good things and bad things to others. Although some people aren't as mean as others, everyone has wronged someone at some point in their life. Just because life is a bitch to everyone doesn't mean there's some wierd mystical power controlling it. It's called a coincidence.

  doctorhook86  |  24

191: Actually karma doesn't really have anything to do with "bad things happening to bad people"; it's about the cycle of samsara where bad people are reincarnated as lower forms of life and forced to suffer another lifetime rather than ascending out of the cycle.

  SweetAsHell  |  9

She might not even remember him. That'd just be the icing on the file cake if he tried to start up a conversation about back then and she had no idea what he was talking about.


I find it funny how the girl who bullied me all through elementary school and half of middle school is about 16...and she's pregnant. Or the people who made fun of me for wearing glasses now wear fake ones.


I think she was referring to herself she was probably a cocky beotch in high school and still is I always hoped i'd see my 7th grade bullies in the future in a similar situation

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