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Today, I met a fellow Star Wars fan. We began enthusiastically talking about how almost no one our age knows the good old classics anymore. I was referring to the original trilogy; she was talking about the ones with Jar Jar Binks. FML
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This is not the fan you're looking for...

Another star wars FML.. Bit arrogant remark too.. "No one our age knows good classics anymore". I too like older and alternative movies and music, but I'm not going to comment on how "Bieber sucks" etc. Everyone can like what they want, it's all good. Mainstream is not necessarily body


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Seriously all you do is post retarded half sentience comments. You are so pathetic

Do you ever think to yourself "I'll go on and comment something good and worthwhile today on FML?" Or do you just spam shit about cool stories and no one caring?

tbh it was just by chance I got to post on both fmls so don't be jelly k

Your stupidity is repulsive. Oh god, somebody kill it, kill it with fire.

Was it also by chance that evolution forgot to supply you with a brain? Yes.

Lmao you guys are so butt hurt apply cold water to the burnt area

He actually said jelly omfg and he thinks we are jealous oh god. His stupidity burns my eyes and makes babies cry

*Applies it to FYLTHOUGH* Come back when you actually have more to say than bullshit memes and idiocy.

all this hate from 1 comment... you are sad, very very sad

number ones, comment made me laugh.... in the same way family guy makes me laugh but still....

This is not the fan you're looking for...

\ 28

Of course. OP was looking for one with blades.

You totally missed the reference.

#6 I thought that was funny, even if it was corny.

I find her lack in knowledge disturbing

This series isn't a classic, in the sense no one has seen it >.> everyone I know has seen all 6, unless you're 12 it should be easy to find someone.

Heh. One of my engineering interns has never seen Star Wars, so we took a day and watched all 6. She was blown away by the movies, especially the original 3. That being said, the new new trilogy wasn't bad; it's just different.

#6, good one. Thought it was funny.

May she live long & prosper, and may the force be with you...

Considering #2s joke is not from the original trilogy, im guessing hes not the fan op has been looking for either.

So what? You're pretty narrow minded. People like different things. I would have thought you'd understand and appreciate that being the only one in your age group that "appreciates classics."

I don't think you understand the point of the FML. anyone who considers themselves a fan of star wars WOULD know that the original three are 4, 5, 6 and it implies that this person didn't know that.

I can understand why you'd think that, but I don't get that vibe. It seems more like OP just hates people that like the new trilogy, since he was at first glad to meet a Star Wars fan, then said FML when he realized they liked the new trilogy. (Thumbed up because it's a valid point, and now that I think about it you're probably right.)

Not to mention any decent Star Wars fan hates jar jar binks.... Lol

Bull shit. Any decent Star Wars fan loves Jar Jar. He's awesome

Binks served no other purpose than to help Palpatine move along his reform from a republic to a dictatorship. Binks's very stupidity – the reason why anyone with any sense hates him – is the reason why we have a Galactic Empire in the first place. He has no redeeming qualities, save for MAYBE giving a giggle with a couple pratfalls which gets old quickly. Jar Jar sucks ass, no matter what you like to believe.

Any decent Star Wars fan likes whatever the fuck they want to like and their preferences are dictated by none of you. Opinions, people.

Opinions don't exist on FML. Your opinion is WRONG, and everyone else's is right. At least, that's what the thumbs down are telling me.

starwars is turning us all against eachother, just respect peoples choices of favourite movies and we cann al be friends ;)

It's a trap!

The prequels suck. Look up Harry Plinkett on Red Letter Media and he'll tell you every single thing wrong with them.

Yeah, people like lots of different things...but no one likes jar jar binks.

Sadly, there are plenty of people like this...They wanna be like the "cool kids".

Yeah then there goes the straw wrappers if you know what I mean

Another star wars FML.. Bit arrogant remark too.. "No one our age knows good classics anymore". I too like older and alternative movies and music, but I'm not going to comment on how "Bieber sucks" etc. Everyone can like what they want, it's all good. Mainstream is not necessarily body

Sorry for the typos, I ran out of time to edit them.

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The OP said that people her age don't know classic—and she never mentioned her age—so you might be a different age than her.


I love the original three! I don't know many that like the movies. It's weird.

for me it's weird that people say they never meet anyone who likes the movies. Everyone i know likes Star Wars, especially the original trilogy.

Depends on where you work/play. I surf, watch football, and work in an outdoors job. I haven't had a decent Star Wars discussion since a coworker said he hated "the Vulcan bitch in the newest one." I really do need to make a group of nerd friends like I had back in highschool.

Well I guess you are the last of your kind, as far as you know. I'm sure there's someone out there who is thinking the same thing, though so keep looking OP!

Meesa think she stupid

That experience must have been quite... *Lowers sunglasses* JarJarring. What do you say to people who don't think Sean Connery is the best James Bond?(yeah, I said it!)

Who is this Sean Connery you speak of? I thought Pierce Brosnan was the first James Bond.

Come on OP everyone likes the not so subtle comedic stereotype of Jar Jar Binks