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  hilda_kitty  |  16

Agreed with 1... that really sucks, OP... but you SHOULD have told her about your feelings earlier, and if she didn't return them, then you could've moved on...

  smileanyway  |  0

Aww.. it's alright OP she didn't deserve you anyway, plenty of other girls out there :) Being an Australian female I know, there are plenty of ladies looking for a guy like you... Good luck!

  Spastastic  |  6

It takes about a minute to become an ordained minister online through the Universal Life Church. They've been around since the late 50s, you used to be able to do it through the mail.

A friend of my dad's had already legally married his fiancee in a courthouse, but he wanted to have a ceremony in his backyard and asked my dad to act as the minister. When my dad found out the guy's mother didn't know my dad wasn't a real minister, and it was important to her, my dad freaked out because he's physically incapable of lying and became one online. It actually turned out a good deal of the people there didn't know -- it was really hilarious being introduced as the minister's daughter. My dad doesn't even like religion. /story time.


171: You're so right. OP couldn't possibly be one of those internet-ordained non-religious people who merely officiated a weddings for friends that one time, since such people obviously don't exist, and definitely haven't been mentioned earlier in this thread for your reading convenience. You've enlightened me with your cool-headed logic and ninja-like reasoning skillz. I'm totally unconverting right now. [Or is it proverting?]

Do you hear that? It's the sound of a smoldering fire on my living room floor. I tried to burn my crucifixes, dreidels, and genuine plastic magic crystal 8-ball, but the holy water I tried to burn doused the bonfire before it really picked up. As a recent provert, I don't know much about secular ideas like "science", but I'm pretty sure that means Satan was in there somewhere and he got exorcized. So good on you for that. He was probably in my magic plastic crystal 8-ball; I never trusted that blue gunk in there.

Also, in the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that I kept my bindhi, but that's only because I'm going to need to dress up for Halloween. Now that I won't be marauding and sacrificing babies to black cats all night, I can go to one of those sexy Halloween parties. I figured I could use the bindi to go as "sexy Cindy Crawford", which is basically Cindy Crawford but sluttier, and with a sparkly mole.


We don't know he didn't tell her. If he'd told her how he felt awhile ago and she didn't reciprocate then, she might think he just got over it. I know I wouldn't keep confessing my love to a guy friend after being rejected once; I'd consider the ball to be in his court. If that's the case, asking him to perform the ceremony isn't an intentionally cruel thing to do.

There are other possibilities to consider, too-- the groom could be OP's good friend or brother, or OP could be a lesbian who knows the bride is straight.


163: Even if he'd told her a long time ago, like say, 5 years ago, and they were still good friends? I had that awkward "I don't love you in that way" talk with many guy friends before I got married, and it usually ended with things going back to normal in our friendship. One of them was a groomsman, actually.

All I'm saying is that /could've/ happened, and neither OP nor the bride would really be to blame then.

  Aleys_fml  |  21

1) He never said he didn't tell her how he felt.
2) Maybe (if he didn't tell her) he did it because she was already with the other person and he does not want to break up a good relationship or he knew she would reject him

  TorturedXeno  |  27

Priest? How do you know he's not a quickly-ordained minister who isn't religious? Or maybe a Protestant? Clergy members in Protestant denominations can marry.

  lajaynay  |  15

Agree with 14. That was short and sweet FML. (Not literally sweet though since OP joined the couple in marriage.) What was there to NOT understand?

  Schizomaniac  |  24

The brutatily was referring the level of honesty, having little to do with the demeanor in which it was delivered. You don't have to be a dick to be brutally honest.


Why wouldn't a minister go on FML?? That's along the lines of, "Teachers don't have houses! They live at school!" on the stupidity rankings. The internet is a public place. Everyone's allowed on it.