By Hlaalette - 13/05/2015 13:57 - Belgium

Today, I managed to throw my back out by blowing my nose. FML
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Don't blow so hard. I've heard of people breaking ribs by blowing their nose

How do you manage that


I don't know, but that blows.

Have you never seen a violent sneeze? Those can get dangerous. For the sneezer and the surrounding victims..

How does one even manage to do that?

Well first you grab a tissue and then you put it to your nose close your mouth and force the air out of your lungs through your nostrils.

I did it once years ago by sneezing. Still bothers me off an on to this day! Not fun!

I broke two ribs by sneezing a few years ago. Now every time I'm about to sneeze, I get worried it's going to happen again.

4th bring on the pain

That BLOWS. Hope you get BACK to normal soon.

Would have been a better comment if you hadn't capitalised the puns to make them even more bleeding obvious.

Sorry I down voted you on accident, I meant to upvote you! I was a little worried they wouldn't be too obvious. But I'll learn from my mistakes

hey I thought your comment was punderful, don't let people get you down

Thanks #31! Don't worry, I'll make a comeback eventually!

Somehow, I get the feeling this isn't a real FML.

That's impressive

How do you manage that

I think that's really an accomplishment. I couldn't do that even if I was trying

Don't blow so hard. I've heard of people breaking ribs by blowing their nose