By RhuLynette - 31/08/2011 06:34 - United Kingdom

Today, I managed to get locked inside a caravan toilet. My relatives heard me having a panic attack and instead of unlocking the door, they called the neighbours over to enjoy my anguish and embarrassment. FML
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That's cruel

"hey guys come quick!!! my niece is having a panic attack in my bathroom!!" wtf


That's cruel

Eggers 2

Yet still quite hilarious

Is there any video of this anguish and embarrassment?

I feel ur pain...

Sorry op, that must suck but tbh, it's hilarious!

coffeygirl12 14

That's terrible...but really funny.

You might be a redneck if....

what is there to panic about?

RawrNom 0

celotape them to a wall and then laugh and point and see how they like it? i feel for you aha

just leave an upper decker, that'll teach em.

Eggers 2

I'm not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds gross

Burnbaby 0

Hey Eggers it means shit in the water tank of the toilet. Very gross, but I think they deserve it.

That's a shitty thing for them to do! :-)

Just like your pun?

"hey guys come quick!!! my niece is having a panic attack in my bathroom!!" wtf

Sonic_boomerang 5

Your current pic goes so well with that comment

hahahahahahahaha thank you. kind of

Who brought the popcorn?

You forgot to mention that one of your relatives filmed it and posted your panick attack on YouTube. Honestly, that's terrible.

If so, I kind of want that link!

what kind of family is that? they need to learn whats funny and whats not...

lexex1 4

Take a dump in your hand, kick down the door and run out throwing it at all of them.

Ydi for having a panic attack caused by getting locked in a toilet... Jeez, calm down...

BlckIvie6xoxo9 0

She may have had a panic attack from being in a small space. Claustrophobia is no joke to people suffer with it.

cindayy77 0

And she could've only had her panic attack because she was locked in, she might have Anxiety, you never know, so don't judge people right from the start.