By Anonymous - United Kingdom
  Today, I managed to convince a girl to come back to my place for a bit of fun. Unfortunately, I was wearing cheap new black underwear, and some of its fibers had stuck themselves to my knob, making it look like a weird fleshy caterpillar. I didn't get lucky. FML
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  baby_dee97  |  8

When I first read this I accidentally skipped the second to last line. Then I thought, " Well if you're calling your dick a probably shouldn't get laid." LOL

By  perdix  |  29

I see an Eric Carle picture book coming out of this story, "The Angry Caterpillar with Blue Balls." Hopefully, the kids won't ask why the caterpillar has only one eye and bulging veins (insects don't have circulatory systems.)

  perdix  |  29

Just because I choose to save it doesn't mean I haven't had chances to lose it.

Ok, I haven't had chances to lose it, but you couldn't have inferred that from my comment :(