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  eggmarie  |  25

If you close your finger in the metal part it pinches so I'm assuming that's what happened.

How she got her nipple in there is a real head scratcher though.

  ygdrassil  |  17

Maybe OP has one of those umbrellas that you have to push shut so it telescopes back to the compact size and used his chest to push it against. Or maybe Japan doesn't require the same level of umbrella nipple safety as other countries with a stronger titty lobby.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Don't you close umbrellas out away from your body OP? Who closes them close to the body? Because as you know know purple nurples from umbrellas can hurt. Haha. Sucks to be you OP.

  perdix  |  29

I didn't forget, I just give out good general info to the crowd, but save the esoteric wisdom for those I like the best.

For you, cold-first-expeller-pressed, "so virgin that it has never even kissed a boy" olive oil. That will get your nipples soft as butter during normal times and allow them to really pop when excited. Let's keep that tip between you and me ;)

By  ryggsekk  |  8

what? and how? #1 when you don't have enough space to do it that way you explain, the umbrella is closer to you and then it can come in contact with your body. but getting bruise is what im wondering about

By  perdix  |  29

That would would never happen to me!

I have very sensitive nipples and an exceptionally high tolerance against embarrassment from doing stupid things. I'd prefer to get wet than handle an umbrella that presents a high nippular hazard!