By Whitley - 04/11/2010 15:17 - United States

Today, I made salmon patties and boiled cabbage. I smelled smoke from my stove burner, but thought I spilled something in the burner. No big deal. Later, this horrible smell started coming from the stove. My husband took the stove apart, only to find that I had fried a mouse as well. FML
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salmon patties and boiled cabbage... That was you're first mistake...

You fried a mouse? That's disgusting! What the hell is wrong with you, you ******* sicko??! You should have sauteed it in lemon butter with some shallots and garlic. Dumbass.


if it's not burned, and well cooked, have a taste xD

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That is nasty. Salmon patties, yuck.

how can u eat salmon patties with cabbage and a DEAD MOUSE??? 

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I'd rather have fried mouse than boiled cabbage..

That mouse couldn't possibly have done the stench... that was the cabbage...

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lol something like this happen to me when I was making brownies. I preheated the oven and heard a loud pop. My friend hid his beer in the oven so his alcoholic roommate wouldn't get it. I am a beer killer D:

not many people know this but rats and mice have such good hearing that they can hear planes flying above them when underground and wherever else you find em. fun fact.

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more like f*ck the mouse's life!!!

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well.... did the mouse have a big dick at least?

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yummy I know wat im having for dinner :)

why does op deserve it? it's not like anyone could have known...

That happened to me one time... awful...

2 was trying to be 1 by typing a useless comment like "YDI" to get it on here quickly. #2 you fail and you also look like you're like 9 years old. Do your parents know you're on this site?

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104 should your parents know you're on this site? hey mom, can I read fmls pweitty pweese?? i'm sure mom knows you're reading fmls, son.

ok, firstly, I'm 18 and is in university getting a law degree. and yes I know I look young for my age. secondly, if I smell smoke and aiisnt100% sure what it I's I would check it out..

wow the last bit messed up xP I meant, "and isn't 100% sure what it is, I would check it out"

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I hope she did. Can't waste food like that. People starvin out there! hide ya kids.

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better hide ya wife and hide yo husband too, 'cause they rapin' errbody out heya...

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I got a bucket of chicken last night with a fried mouse also WTF is goin on

salmon patties and boiled cabbage... That was you're first mistake...

Yeah, tell me again about the mouse option? I'm thinking I might go with that, and a nice Chianti...

my thoughts exactly. I was imagining the smell was what they were cooking in the first place. I can't imagine the mouse was too much worse of a smell.

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Why can't you just use beef like everyone else?

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Ewwww! Lady use mouse traps for once. Or better yet, get a cat. =