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Today, I made it onto my boss's shit-list, after pointing out that he'd misspelled "customer" as "costumer" 6 times in his report, and "college education" as "collage education" twice. It'd be a dick move on his part even if making corrections like this weren't part of my damn job. FML
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  Soninuva  |  41

What part of that's their job did you not understand? I presume that OP is either an editor or secretary, and thus need to make those corrections and bring them to the attention of their boss. Tact has nothing to do with it, unless OP was doing so in a way to make fun of their boss, which is unlikely.

By  mustangbravo  |  27

It's part of your job to make the correction but is it also part of your job to point it out? Did you do it in front of people? If not then I say next time let him continue to look like an idiot and leave it in.

  Utetopia2014  |  18

By just making the correction, and not saying anything. Just correct the damn thing. Especially if it's OPs job to do so. It's probably a digital copy, so just edit and correct it. No need to point out what needed correcting. "Few typos, but all good now". That's all that needed to be said.

  ZorroRooster  |  19

Indeed. One of the jobs I legit would like having. But one awesome year of college didn't quite negate three years of slacking off. That and an internship that wasn't geared towards what I wanted resulted in me being a sad panda after graduation. Was not prepared for college. Doing alright now though, thankfully.