By Anonymous - 14/07/2010 06:14 - United States

Today, I made brownies for my co-workers. My boss called me into his office, and I though he was going to compliment me on the baking. Instead, he talked about how his 5-year-old daughter can make brownies better than me. FML
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Its a 5 year old. You can drive and stay up past 10. you win.

f**** him ! at least you baked ;)


haha fail xD

PenelopeClearwat 0

fail indeed(: ^

he's probably just jealous that you can make better brownies than him!

vlovesp 0

what a douche.. lol

Averizzle 0

It's not even hard to make fucking brownies. Ydi for being a tool op.. -.-

Shookitup 0

Epic fail ^.^

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

yeah, not gonna lie there's been people who've fucked up brownies & it made me wanna throw them in their face. I hate when people make brownies & they suck & give them to people anyway. YDI, taste your shit before subjecting everyone else to your ass brownies.

Thabb 0

Maybe his daughter could give you lessons?

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Next time, just get on your knees and suck his dick. Then ask if his 5 y/o brat can do that better than you

ladies_man217 0

shouldve used a brownie mix

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really? like really? You're 33 yet you're crying on an fml (predominately targeted to a youthful audience) about your boss liking his daughters brownies more? get over it sweetheart

shit on his coat!

what does age has anything to do with the taste of te brownies? you either follow the recipe or you dont lmao it aint that hard fyl that you cant make brownies

Lol #37 win. sides just cuz your 33 or whatever doesn't mean you could bake a decent brownie. besides the kid probably uses one of those easy ovens for kids.

deafeningsilence 8

37- hahaha. I laughed because I noticed OP is a male....

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lol @ 47

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haha i love burnt brownies!!!

thanks Alan, we baby boomers like to play to

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Pwned! >:D

noobgang7 5

Ouch, FML. Your ego must be so badly bruised that you just want to give up baking... Who the Hell cares if she can make better brownies? Your life is not fucked.

hahahaha #67 ftw.

TurboTalon 0

This is why I plate anything baked I take in and taste test it beforehand.

seriously why do you care about your brownie cooking skills that much

Shookitup 0

I would make another batch and put weed in it and give it to your boss, just to fukk with their day ^.^

f**** him ! at least you baked ;)

haha cmon you ever tried to make muffins? you take the mix, add water and its its done!

haha fail i read muffins xD

you forgot the oven! damn the muffins! XD

oh yeah thats right I forgot the oven >:O i should be ashamed about myself :P so ya third step, put the muffins or brownies or wtv in the oven for 14minutes and 30 sec (or if u like burnt brownies like babydacey, let them 30 minutes they should be... erm... crispy :D

YDI for not knowing how to cook, even if you are a man.


good try though. It's the though that count.

420smoke420 3

you should have put marijuana in them and ten everyone would have been happy

yeah i'm sure that the 5 year old girl cant make this kind of brownie :p

Its a 5 year old. You can drive and stay up past 10. you win.

twinny_sc 13

haha so true!

lol #8 & thats so mean, hes so ungrateful. Unless they really tasted like crap :(

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Shouldve grabbed a brownie and shoved it down his throat

lolwtfwasthat 0

good game

If he didn't like them then he shouldn't have had one. Tell him where he can stick his 8yr olds brownies! Either that or like #8 said. Make special brownies next time and then everyone will love them, also a perfect time to ask for a raise after that. ;-)