By Joel - 25/08/2010 19:13 - United States

Today, I made a mistake at work that got 7 people fired. I'm scared to leave the office because they're all outside. FML
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then fess up to your bosses that it's your fault, ass-wipe

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Sounds like the movie The Strangers, except they're not wearing Betty Boop masks and they don't want to cut your stomach out... I hope

twinny_sc 13

@ 1 Why would he fess up and get himself fired? That would be stupid. OP at least you still have your job, now go out there and take your ass kicking like a man.

Op you are a ****** pussy, you'll hide from your boss, ruin 7 other people's jobs, and dont want to face them? YDI, and I hope one of them shoots you.

if your happy and you know it clap your hands

*claps hands* OP, you're a prick! why should the 7 other employees suffer from your mistakes?!

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he didn't say he wasn't fired he could be one of the seven he is just afraid to leave the office after being fired cause they are all waiting for him I'm sure the boss was told by the seven people it was his mistake not theirs... seven people don't just get fired without saying a word or some kind of investigation

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you got to stand up and face the music. in your perspective, you got to stand up and face the ass whupping you are about to receive.

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Oo, that makes a lot more sense, 39. I was just thinking, "how on earth did his boss not find out it was him that screwed up??".

don't be such an ass op, take the fall. those people would have your back guaranteed if you told the boss it was your fault.

16: EXACTLY like The Strangers. Lol. *claps hands* OP: Fess up. Dick.

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man, just thinking about all the families that are going to go hungry b/c mommy or daddy list their jobs... it makes me sad. look what you did op! the cries of the hungry children should torment you... Take your beating... It's the least you could do... unless you're too much of a wuss...

OP hiw did you get 7 people fired - did you screw your bosses wife and had those 7 watch/tape it? Or were you screwed by all 7 in the office and handed that video to your boss?

Make a big sign saying "I'm Sorry" and hang it out your window for all to see. :)

make sure you grab the stapler before you leave

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that's how riots get started !!

24 is hot and be a man and fess up maybe yur workmates will forgive you

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Damn OP sucks all. When they attack curl up in a ball. This bitches at work are trying to get me fired. Ugh! but my boss loves me cause I'm the best.

Man up and face the music! 54 you're super cute :)

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hey the_flirrt:).............ugh i hate anti- flood...............regarding the fml.. op if it's one thing i hate in people is cowardness:(

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bored.. and can't sleep.. again:((..just wanted to say hi;;)

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I'm guessing you posted this FML from inside the office...Well now then Post another FML about how you got your Butt-Kicked!!

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by any chance is there a chainsaw at your desk?

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i can't fall asleep.. and i actually kinda don't want to;))..but thanks the_flirtt;)

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o my bad lol do u have insomnia ?

bubblzz 4

no.. ha.. i'm not an insomniac:)i'm just not a big fan of sleep...since i read somewhere that in an average lifespan of 70 yrs a person sleeps through 20 of those 70 years.. just too much i say:))

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sorry for not knowing the correct term''cowardice''..but english isn't my native language..thanks:)

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29 looks like Doug from scrubs

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huh ya I like sleep but I'm more of night person too

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fml pics in a nutshell: an incredibly hot chick a douche someones pet dog or cat fml comments in a nutshell: ## is hot ## is a douche op should have been aborted

LMAO! 141 is so true! XD Also, OP is a jackass who should: confess to his boss if he managed to escape unnoticed; apologize to his colleages that he screwed over; and take his beating that he damn well deserves! ...And I don't usually use so many exclamations marks.

bubblzz 4

who are you talking about?:))

Whoopsies - I meant 121. And now I press send and pray that the evil, over-sensitive anti-flood doesn't attack. Again.

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my previous question was meant for 121 too:)).. can you be more specific please cause i don't get it:));;)

Stop making double chinned smiley faces.

Soooo... how does it feel to take food out of the mouths of 7 families?

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maybe i like making double chinned smiley faces:D..

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Seriously? Because that is horrible to let 7 completely innocent people get fired for something you did. Any decent person would admit it was their fault. If you seriously think it's OK to not confess, I feel sorry for anyone who you interact with on a regular basis.

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*also claps hands* Op should fess up.

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what a dick move I would wanna kill you too if you got my fired!

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then* not 'than'..#141..stupid and racist..what a catch..

24, you look a lot like my girlfriend, you're very beautiful. I think you deserve a better name though, just saying...

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what if it was a small mistake op made that travels down the line to them and it criticial they maake sure it has no errors but they don't and screws somebody else over so they got fired for making a big mistake while op made a small one but also how does one mistake made by one person translate to 7 getting fired maybe just one getting fired but 7 there something else in play here.

24 edited the hell out if her picture. ^_^ & OP, you kinda deserve this.

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Go out the back door! Theres always a back door! ...right?.. *_*

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#6 I'm pretty sure those 7 people who got fired cares..

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your hot.... no if"s and's hopefully butts... wow that was gay

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today, me, along with six others got fired because of one idiot's mistake. F*ck OUR lives

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"Why would he fess up and get fired?" Do you have no conscience? He should fess up because in would be the honest, ethical thing to do.

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he was ******* him/her. The boss is stressed and needs oral sex regularly. Think about it. This is the only reason that OP is in a position ranking above 7 others. He is obviously absentminded and/or a simpleton who can't do their job right, how else would he be in such a position?

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"today, some ******** at work got me and 6 other people fired. it's ok though were gonna beat his ass when he comes out.FML"

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do you have any idea what the job market will be like for the people you got fired?!? I saw an empty turtle shell with a "foreclosed" sign on it yesterday!!

This post made me go on a comment hunt...

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ur hella cute u should hit me up

tell your boss, take the blame, and get them their jobs back. then you will be their freind!

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lolroflomgwtf that made my day!

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#39, he said they are ALL outside, so obviously he wasn't fired

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I like how these comments turned into a dating site "hey ### you're cute" "hey ## what are you doing?" This isn't a chatroom, it's for comments to OP and replies to said comments, ha go to or somewhere if all you want is to pick up chicks/dicks this isn't the place xD GO HOME! ;P

No it wouldn't becuase they would get theirs back most likely. You just sound like an incredbily selfish ****.

His mistake could have been telling his boss it only takes one person to do this job, not 8. In which case, not a mistake, it deserves an applause. Capitalism is great and that kind of stuff makes more room for others in different jobs

Awww man that sucks! Hope they don't know where you live!

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It's funny that a banana is in between two monkeys.

sourgirl101 28

What's up ii? Are you slippin'? You ALWAYS catch the hidden jokes before me!

sourgirl101 28

Haha it's ok. I still love you- like a monkey loves a banana. (:

lol not sure. Turn around & show me your big red butt :)

mistakes happen jackas ( reffering to #1 and 2)

Exactly, which is why you fess up to the mistake and attempt to make amends.

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hope its comfy in there :). wait it out xD.

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i think op shoulda used there ninja skills....


hahahahhahaa! face yur asskicking like a man!!!

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Your a wuss, if you don't tell the truth, karma is gonna come back n bite your ass.

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bubblzz 4

haha..168iicaptain..a bit mean but still funny;))