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just go talk to a guy, it's not hard

This will back fire, in a few weeks this should be posted, "my friends found out that the guy I've been talking to on facebook was me." don't expect sympathy when it happens.



You're not in Kansas, anymore... This is Pandora.. ----- Seriously, OP, You don't get my sympathy just because you are a fruit loop.. May I suggest getting a life?

agreed. go to a club or something.

You are a total faggot. YDI

just go talk to a guy, it's not hard

Ditto. Most guys almost never write on other people's walls or even make status updates. I'm definitely one of them, I talk to people on FB all the time but I can't remember the last time I actually made a wall post.

If you're trying to impress your friends. Real worls friends already know and who cares what your internet friends think about your dating life or lack thereof?

we dont bite unless you bit us first

wow. aww why it gotta be from kansas. we don't got problems like that here in missouri

it's not hard to get a guy to talk to long as you aren't completely ugly you could flirt with a guy and get some posts

No. You just have grammar problems?

that sucks, you should just write on some guys' walls being like "hey what's up"

exactly, facebook is two ways...

wow such a sad excuse for a girl you no what I'll make a facebook just for you so you can say hi to me the email will be [email protected]

ok I'm shy but at least I get out there you really need to open up

oh an I hope you don't put pictures of your "guy" up wouldn't want some one to say hey I know you

Get of facebook and walk into the real life, that will help