By Samantha - 15/06/2010 18:18 - United States

Today, I'm three months pregnant. Hours after the father of my baby bought me a wedding ring, he decided to get drunk and tell me that he doesn't see himself with me for the rest of his life, and doesn't really want to get married. Oh and he hates my dog. FML
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I'm assuming since this is an FML, she's heartbroken. I also assume she wants the child. The first thing, period, to worry about isn't if he wants to stay with _you_, it's does he see himself being an active and stable father? Will he visit regularly, not just on weekends, but after work too? will he take turns with you being the stay home parent on weekends so you both have a life? Will YOU be adult enough to sit beside him at the school play, watching your child together? Will you do everything you can to make sure you're allowing him to be an active father? Can you two both be friends for the rest of your lives, and more importantly stand up for each other against any future partners? If you can answer yes to all of this, your kid has a chance at a great, if different life. You have a chance to get back into the pond, still take care of yourself, and be choosy about your next crush. If the answer to any of those questions to you is "no", you need to sit down and decide what's more important, your convenience or the child's happiness. And you need to consider all aspects of being a parent. If any of them for him are no, you need to immediately start prepping yourself to be strong, independent and still desirable. You don't want to be alone, obviously, but you'll have to be until you find that perfect partner to share not only you, but your child with. Any other options are yours, but think about the child's life before you give birth, you're out of time then.

He wouldn't be the first guy being scared by marriage.. FYL though.


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lol.... he said that drunk probrobly dosnt mean it .First ;D

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aww, i bet the dog's feelings got hurt too

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#9 that's a awsome shade of blue how did you get your hair like that?

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Poor doggy must be heartbroken :(

yeah stop thinking about yourself and worry about the dog jk I'm sorry that's really sad

What can you expect, you're from Arizona

hey there's a rotton apple in every bunch

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YDI for havomh sex before marriage.

Yep it's official. He's a bastard. Just sayin'.

fake. anyway, this has been done before.

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You deserve it you stupid bitch. You American women are so gullible, you take any dick that seems appealing without the future in mind. That's what happens when you are rude to people and think you're better than everyone else. NOW who's better than who? At least I don't have a baby inside of me.

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Whoa wtf! what a dick.... who the hell doesn't like dogs?

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I didint think people wrote this first shit anymore, and you didn't comment on the op's fml. you truely are a fag

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I'm sorry guys I was just bored :(

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as someone once told me "drunken words come from sober thoughts" :0

Most people who are drunk are usually telling the truth.....dump him and when the baby is born drag his ass into court and demand child support payments, he'll probably kick himself after that

yep 40 summets right a drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts sorry =(

well he's drunk. u can't hold a man responsible for the words comin out of his mouth wen he is intoxicated. oh and I hate ur dog too haha jus kiddin :)

He wouldn't be the first guy being scared by marriage.. FYL though.


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In theory, adoption is a "Good" thing to do, but usually when the person finds out, they believe their life is ******. Then they usually chase after the biological parents and complain to them, adoption negates this as well as removing the birthing pain. Everyone wins with abortion.

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The baby isn't sentient until at least a few months after birth. So by society's definition of living, it is not.

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She is 3 months pregnant dude. Also the mother doesn't always win. Lots of women can't handle the fact that they had one and have to live with it for the rest of their life.

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Three months pregnant hasn't changed anything in my argument and with the stress of loosing the baby, it would probably still be there if the baby was adopted.

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Abortion after a certain point in the pregnancy is wrong because the baby is alive after a certain amount of time. Past the first semester isn't acceptable. If she was 1 month pregnant sure it's an embryo. At say 7 months, that's just horrible. It's a living being then. If you've committed to it that far, you've got to live with it. Or give your child up for adoption.


Oh I am sorry OP I hope everything works out.